3 Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets

5 Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets

In today’s modern world, we are living in concrete jungles with buildings, offices, and factories everywhere around us. It is rare for individual trees around us, so forget about finding some good gardens in the locality. Over and above that, the pollution from vehicles and factories have left the world in a mess altogether. The population density has increased so much everywhere that there is no space left to design gardens. Because of that, many people are designing verticle gardens at their homes and decorating them with hanging baskets. If you are also looking to do the same, you have reached the right place. It is because today, we are going to talk about some of the best flowers for hanging baskets.


Best Flowers: Begonia

5 Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets

5 Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets

The scientific name of this variety of flowers is Begonia boliviensis. These flowers look just like everyone’s favorite – roses, but they are quite different from roses. They are very similar to fuchsias but are relatively easy to be grown anywhere you want. The Begonia flowers can handle the extreme heat that you usually get to see during the southern summers.

One good thing about these Begonia boliviensis flowers is that they come in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, orange, white, and pink. Apart from that, they look very pleasing to the eyes and attractive. So, if you have hanging baskets in your home or the garden, these flowers might be something that you want to plant.


Best Flowers: Black Eye Susan Vine

It is a known fact that you cannot grow flowers in a hanging basket as easily as you can grow in a garden. It takes a lot of effort and is relatively more challenging to grow plants in a hanging basket as compared to how you can grow the same in the garden. However, if there is one flower that loves hanging gardens, that has to be the Black Eye Susan Vine!

The flower is scientifically known as Thunbergia alata. You can usually spot it in yellow color with a black spot at its center. The mark resembles an eye; hence it has been named the Black Eye Susan Vine! The flower looks pleasing to eyes with its vibrant colors. The best thing about it is that it can be grown almost everywhere, which makes it the first choice of any gardener!


The Amazing Fuchsia!

5 Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets

5 Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets

The Fuchsia is undoubtedly one of the most good looking and visually appealing flowers that you can ever find on the planet. The fact that it comes in various colors makes it look amazing, and you are sure to fall in love with it. However, things aren’t always as good as they look.

Growing this type of flower can be a tedious task. If you live in relatively warm areas, you might want to pass this opportunity of growing these flowers. These flowers are known to be shade-loving and cannot bear the extreme heat that is generated during the summers. The Fuchsia flowers are available in many colors, including pink, red, purple, and white. It can also be multi-colored, which will make almost anyone easily fall in love with them.