4 Luxurious Wedding Accessories For Your Big Day Look


Wedding accessories have a vast range, which makes it so versatile. Whether you want to dress up like the royal queen or as a contemporary urban bride, you have ample of designs in choosing the best one suiting your theme. A luxurious wedding is all about celebrating the bond of you with pomp and glory. If you are planning for the same and looking for luxurious wedding accessories to accentuate the look, here you go. Here are some statement accessories that will prepare you for your luxurious wedding.

Luxurious Wedding Accessories: Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch

Right after your dress, the shoes and bags make the next choices, and you cannot go wrong with it. The latest Bottega Veneta knot clutch is a bag perfect for your luxurious wedding. This one is now created with a chain strap, making it serve the purpose of a wedding sling bag. The Italian house’s classic woven details are the main attraction of this wedding clutch. A perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles can be found in the three-dimensional finishing of the spheres.

Jimmy Choo Pointy Pump Shoes

If you want something exceptionally classy in wedding shoes, you can search for big brands like Jimmy Choo. The collection makes a perfect fusion of gorgeousness and simplicity. The latest addition to the pointed pump shoes by Jimmy Choo is the crystal tiara. It looks fabulous on the front of the shoe and highlights the wedding trends of this season. When you are wearing a wedding dress with an ankle-length hemline, this one will be more visible and make you look stunning.

4 Luxurious Wedding Accessories For Your Big Day Look
4 Luxurious Wedding Accessories For Your Big Day Look

Chanel Tassel Pearl Necklace

Are you looking for an exclusive pearl necklace to wear with your wedding gown? Well, the Chanel tassel pearl necklace is a perfect accessory for your D day. The tassel style is inspired by the wisdom, purity, and loyalty of women since ancient times. If you look closely, you will find the resemblance of the antique style jewelry in this stunning piece. The long tasseled ends on both sides and the different sizes of pearl make this piece a worthy pick for all would-be brides this season.

Luxurious Wedding Accessories: Miu Miu Sandals

When you are looking for a pair of sandals with a short hill, you can consider the Miu Miu sandals designed for the brides. The kitten heels of this one will help you to be comfortable when you are on your feet for most of the wedding day. Adding to this, the jeweled heel and straps make this piece a gorgeous one for the wedding day this season.

4 Luxurious Wedding Accessories For Your Big Day Look
4 Luxurious Wedding Accessories For Your Big Day Look

Chanel Minaudiere

If the compact and lipstick are the only things that you are planning to carry on your wedding day, you need to look for small accessories. The latest Minaudiere from the house of Chanel is designed to suit this purpose of you. It is a unique accessory that can make all the onlookers fall in love with, as the design is perfect for carrying with the wedding look you will flaunt.