6 Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas For 2020

A row of wine glasses on a table

Although 2020 is not a year full of smiles, many people are still making the best of these times. Some are even planning to get married to their beloved this year. If you are one of them who look forward to a budget-friendly wedding, we are here to help. Save on your wedding decorations and eventually keep your budget in check by using these cheap wedding decoration ideas. No matter whether you are thinking of a destination wedding or a casual home wedding, these decorations will elegantly spruce up your D-day.

Consider Curtain String Lights

A dining table filled with wine glasses

Using string lights as wedding decor will make your wedding venue look alluring without letting you compromise with your budget. String lights are great for indoor as well as outdoor settings. So, wrap the curtains with string lights and use those curtains as a backdrop for your wedding. You can also use string lights to decorate your wedding tables, pillars, cake cutting table, and so on.

Tip: Wedding decorations are incomplete without lights. You can also use solar light bulbs instead of string lights.

Use A Chalkboard Frame

If you want to add a vintage vibe to your event, use an antique chalkboard frame to display your and your beloved’s name. Look for a blackboard in an antique look and display your choicest message on it. You can also the chalkboard frame at the reception and put up quotes like ‘cheers, we are now together’, ‘we have been waiting for you’, and so on.

Opt For Colorful Paper Lanterns 

Whether you are conducting the wedding in your backyard or inside a hall, paper lanterns can make the place look stunning in no time. Paper lanterns can make any setting colorful without feeling heavy on your pocket. These lanterns will also illuminate the place subtly. Not to mention, these cheap wedding decoration ideas are easy to execute. Select the color and size of the paper lanterns as per your preference. Keep in mind the theme of your wedding before picking the color. For instance – if you are having a beach wedding, use paper lanterns in blue, white, and coral colors.

Use Candles 

Candles are inexpensive and what can be better than using them at your wedding? Use a mix of votive and tea light candles to make the wedding tables look interesting. You can also use pillar candles and place them on mirrors. Alternatively, grab floating candles and let them burn in a clear glass bowl. Look for star or heart-shaped floating candles and don’t forget to add roses in the bowls.  

Create DIY Flowers/Floral Bouquet

Instead of buying expensive flowers and floral bouquets, try making DIY flowers. Use faux and pom-poms to create beautiful blooms and assemble them using artificial stems, ribbons, and laces. You can also pick roses, lilies, and other flowers from a nearby garden and make the perfect wedding bouquet. All you need is the flowers, string, shears, ribbon, and floral tape to make the bouquet.

Tip: Use flowers including avalanche rose, peony, phlox, green trick dianthus, lisianthus, and eucalyptus to make the wedding bouquet. 

Buy Mason Jars

Mason jars are cheap wedding centerpieces that will adorn your wedding tables like nothing else. Look for recycled jars if you want to save more. Paint the jars, tie the ribbons or thin ropes around their neck and use them to hold flowers. If you don’t want to paint the jars, use can tie a decorative lace around them. You can also think of something like wine bottles and put fairy lights inside.

Opt for these cheap wedding decoration ideas to make your big day elegant without feeling extravagant!

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