7 Best Backyard Wedding Tips For Your Dream Wedding

Backyard Wedding Tips

There is so much to love about a backyard wedding or reception. An event planned in a backyard will be intimate, budget-friendly, and convenient. To turn your backyard into a mesmerizing place for your dream wedding, we recommend using this guide. These backyard wedding tips will create a place that will appease your guests like nothing else.

Spruce Up The Entrance

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Whether you go for a tented event or use the entire backyard space, make sure to spruce up the entrance. Create an inviting pathway by using drapes, lights, and flowers. Instead of regular flowers, decorate the entrance with petals, twigs, and ferns to create a rustic feel. For that dramatic effect, arrange a heart-shaped pole and cover it with red and white flowers, ornate bells, and string lights. Don’t forget to create the first initials of the couple with flower petals on the pole.

Use Maximum Lights

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Exquisite lighting is key to create a feeling that something special is happening. No matter how many backyard wedding tips you opt for, a night event can’t go without sufficient lights. So, plan to light the space up by using different kinds of lights. Decorate the ceiling, backdrop, curtains, etc. with string lights. You can attach paper lanterns to the trees and also arrange candles or mason jars with lights on the tables.

Create A Rustic Vibe

There are plenty of ways to add a rustic feel to your wedding or reception. Tent it up, bring wooden tables and chairs inside the tent, and arrange flowers on the tables. Bring in small trees inside the tent and decorate the tent ceiling with small bulbs. For a backdrop, use a wooden panel and decorate it with flower wreaths and lanterns. You can also create a gelato bar and spruce the space with vintage furniture, leaves, flowers, and wooden elements. If you have big trees, decorate their trunk with vintage photo frames of you and your partner. You can also use old ladders, stools, and other vintage stuff as decor for your wedding.

Decorate The Chairs

Make the chairs at the wedding or reception look appealing by draping them in linens. Instead of using plain linens, settle for printed ones. You can use floral prints, polka dot prints, animal prints, or any other according to the theme of the event.

Make The Pool Enchanting

If you have a pool in the backyard, you can use it to create a focal point. Make a wooden walkway on the pool and decorate it with flowers. You can also prepare small flower wreaths and drop them inside the water. Use string lights to brighten up the pool at night.

Create An Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar will allow guests to enjoy the cocktail hour in an authentic way. Create an outdoor bar by arranging a mobile bar set-up with plenty of beverage choices. You can settle for a wine barrel bar with wooden chairs around it for a vintage wedding. Bringing a food truck or van in the backyard and using it as a bar is also a brilliant idea. If you are tight on a budget, you can use a small cart and turn it into a self-serve bar brimming with different beverages.

Use Scented Flowers As Decor

A bundle of jasmine, lavender, or rose on the tables will add a heavenly scent that guests will remember for longer. You can also use bunches of freesia, sweet pea, and peonies for a spring vibe. Honeysuckle, lilac, and hyacinth are other scented floral options to consider.

Use these backyard wedding tips to create an event your guests will remember forever!

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