Are Red And Gold Wedding Decorations Colours -

Are Red And Gold Wedding Decorations Colours

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Everyone has different wedding plans, some like it simple and classy whereas others like to keep it elaborate and luxurious with bold colors such as red and gold wedding decorations.

Tips To Pick The Perfect Decoration 

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Besides the bridal dress and location, decorations are the most important part of the wedding. The decorations dazzle the guests, enhance the beauty of the location selected, and make the wedding perfect etched in everyone’s memory. Picking the perfect decoration might be tricky but we will guide you through it. 

  • String Lights: 

Lights add a sparkle to everything and whether you plan an open-air wedding or in a hall lights must be made a part of it all. Adding a series of bright string lights brightens up the room and also adds a glimmer to everything. It is an aesthetic and visual treat for the guests and the party. 

  • Keep It Simple Yet Noticeable: 

Keeping decorations simple doesn’t mean you let them fade and go unnoticed. Sometimes less is more and a perfect well-placed decorated hall with bright yet subtle touches of red and gold wedding decorations can just be the thing for you! The minimal decoration with evenly distributed floral arrangements, not many over-the-top table decorations and also well placed delicate vases is enough to make a lasting impact on guests. 

  • A Lounge Area For Guests: 

Keeping enough lounge space for your guests to get comfortable and cozy with contemporary, mismatched sofas, multiple posh and classy lounge chairs are becoming the new wedding trends. This is a very simple yet sophisticated idea, treat the lounge area as an extension of your wedding theme. 

  • Touch Of Green: 

Florals and green are an all-time wedding hit. It adds a fresh feeling to your wedding. Having a little green space at the wedding is eye-soothing and highly refreshing. The green decoration blends with the rest of the theme as it can be placed anywhere be it as a backdrop, or might be in the reception space. A touch of green brings everything else to life. 

  • Drape: 

A simple yet classy idea of ceiling decoration is letting drapes hang from the ceiling and guess what it always works. Drapes on the windows or in the background serve as a perfect backdrop. It signifies glamorous opulence and is very eye-catching. Drapes in beautiful pastel shades or just simply white make a space look elegant. 

  • The Wedding Cake: 

The wedding cake is the statement of your wedding. It is the centerpiece and everyone anticipates its presence. So the cake must leave a mark so the best idea is to convert it into art. Get yourself a cake artist and decide the unique design of the cake. 


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A dream wedding is desired by every couple all over the world and it is true for every nation out there. There are many causal factors to be considered in a wedding as weddings are not arranged or planned in a fortnight, months of planning take to make it grand.The wedding is a special day for every bride. It’s the new beginning to a beautiful life and so it must be unique.

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