Beach Wedding Dresses - How To Choose The Perfect Beach Wedding Dress -

Beach Wedding Dresses – How To Choose The Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

beach wedding dresses

Choosing the right beach wedding dresses can be a tough task. After all, it’s going to be a beach wedding so things need to be as casual as possible. That doesn’t mean choosing something with absolutely nothing on it is an easy task. The first thing to consider is the location. Some places are more casual than others, so you should take that into consideration before you start looking.

If the venue is casual, then you’ll want a simple, straightforward style gown that won’t be overstuffed or be heavy. Chiffon, charmeuse or satin, light or heavy silk, and even taffeta, velvet or net are all great materials for beach wedding dresses. Lightweight fabrics are always the way to go, though no dress is ever created solely of one kind of fabric. That being said, here are a few other beach wedding considerations when contemplating the fabric of your gown. Take a look at these tips and get started!

Beach Wedding Dresses

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First, let’s talk about open backs. Most of the time, when people think of open back beach wedding dresses, they think of a long, simple gown that comes down to just above the knees. However, since cap sleeves are also very common on weddings, you might want to also consider a cap sleeve. A wrap is also an option, especially if you’re having the dress made to measure.

Also, keep in mind what you will be wearing underneath the dress. Will you be wearing a halter? A sarong? A fancy apron? There are lots of options for your undergarments, so make sure you consider what you’ll be wearing and choose accordingly.

As far as your footwear goes, it’s really up to you. Some brides who are more comfortable with flat shoes may opt for flip flops, which are less formal than sandals but more comfortable. Others may opt for classic heels to complete their beach wedding dresses, although flat shoes will be perfectly acceptable for the ceremony itself. It’s up to you, though keep in mind that if you do choose to wear flip flops, make sure they are in a comfortable condition from the beginning.

A Much Ado

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Speaking of the ceremony itself, a few basic rules of dressmaking apply here, too. For instance, destination wedding dressy pants are always a great choice, whether you wear them strapless or with spaghetti straps. The same is true for cap gowns, which can be worn with or without underskirts. If you plan on doing any dancing, make sure you choose a style that will allow you to bend and flex without the risk of a strapless hat or top being tossed to the wind! For the men, remember that long tuxedos with tails are a staple for many important occasions, and beach wedding dresses that don’t emphasize this are a serious mistake.

For the wedding ceremony, the most important item in your beach wedding dresses will probably be the sand castle crown, which you’ll wear as your veil and crown piece. This is where you’ll also want to consider an alternative to your traditional ball gown. Since most bridal gowns are designed with the body in mind, consider a shorter dress that can emphasize your curves. A strapless or backless number can do just fine, as can a gown with an off-the-shoulder bodice and a full skirt.

Bottom Line 

Finally, the groom will need something to protect his feet from the lovely sand, so consider an easy to wash sandal or loafer. For the most formal beach wedding dresses, a lace or net pajama may be the right choice. These items won’t detract from the formality of the ceremony, but they can be dressed up with a fun personalized beach wedding dress or even a little black dress to give the bride a little more personality on her big day. It all depends on how much personality your bride wants to show!

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