Beach Wedding Reception Decorations And Ideas You Should Try -

Beach Wedding Reception Decorations And Ideas You Should Try

beach wedding reception decorations

Boho to elegant, exotic, or even minimalistic looks wonderful in beach wedding reception decorations. Planning a wedding reception on the tropical beach seems to very easy. The dreamy setting would act as the perfect background for the whole evening. All one needs is just to add those tiny decorations pieces. One needs to first choose a good color scheme. If it is a day reception lighter tones may go very well. The pale blue sky and the witness of the table clothes just go perfect. The dress code and what the guests would wear can also be decided. It may add to the more aesthetic style and decor for the reception. Everything will be able to blend together. The result would be a calm and elegant wedding reception. 

Beach Wedding Reception Decorations

wedding reception

At night people usually go for being bold and bright. It fits very well for the wilderness and the tropical decor of the area. Bright reds for the table setting, along with coral and blues would be a perfect combination. White and sandy brown could be the base, with dash and throw of tropical colors. Flowers and dresses of the guests can add to the pump of the whole party. It is a beach reception and one should definitely use the local decorations. Shells and starfish tied through a ribbon look so good, especially at a beach wedding. Inspired by the surroundings the small things would help in bringing everything together. Archways, tree branches, or ceilings can be decorated with starfishes. 

There many other natural elements like driftwood, sea glass, and seashells. Centerpieces or photo frames and signs can be decorated with them. Tropical leaves on the dining table at a beach wedding reception are something to be looked at. The backdrop is of usually palm trees with all the lush green vegetation. Every detail of nature can be added to the wedding decor. It can be made to look the same and would be very refreshing. There is a soft light, especially by the beach. Sunrise and sunset serve the best time for having and holding the wedding reception. Candles on the tables or hanging lanterns look very wonderful for a romantic evening. Tri torches are the new ways to incorporate the lighting at the reception. 

Lush Entryway


Beach wedding reception decorations have bamboos and leave together create a lush and greeny entryway to the paradise. It looks so beautiful especially over those sandy beaches that are bright white in color. Natural elements and textures are always considered to be the best for the reception decorations. Wood, organically shaped accents, and leaves can all be pulled together to make a grand entry.

Centerpiece And Palm

Bold and juicy colors all shout for the perfect reception and party evening. The bare wooden table can be incorporated with vivacious and big flowery centers. There can also be citrus foods added that would give the beachy vibe.

Decorations can be done with palm leaves very easily. They usually are so big in size and pretty durable for most things. Tying them around the back of chairs would give the whole thing a great up-gradation


Beach wedding reception decorations should be followed very diligently. It is a way to get the perfect wedding reception. They look really good and can pull off the best wedding evening for the guests and couples.

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