Beautiful Fall Wedding Cakes -

Beautiful Fall Wedding Cakes

fall wedding cakes

Fall weddings are beautiful and romantic. Lush trees, gentle breezes, apples, and crisp aromas form the perfect backdrop for an elegant and romantic affair. That is why fall wedding cakes are as popular as ever. There are many different styles of fall wedding cakes to choose from. In fact, the ideas that you will find will get you thinking about all the possibilities for your special day.

A white buttercream frosted cake is always a favorite wedding staple. You could make this timeless dessert completely your own by decorating it with autumn leaves, greenery, flowers, or even a fancy cake stand and cake pedestal. If you decide to use autumn leaves, then you should buy a dozen or so leaves and arrange them nicely on a wooden cake stand. Be sure to allow ample space at the top of the cake so that all the leaves can fall down easily.

Fall Wedding Cakes

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For those on a really tight budget, a chocolate cake could be just the thing to help pull everything together. Chocolate cakes have a variety of benefits that make them a perfect choice for any type of wedding celebration. First of all, chocolate tends to be very rich. Therefore, the flavors will meld well together, making this dessert a fun idea for any celebration. If you are having a fall wedding celebration, then you might want to think about including a chocolate cake on the menu.

Another excellent option for fall wedding cakes is to use fall flowers such as fragrant roses or lavender. These flowers represent the gorgeousness of nature, whereas fall foliage symbolizes the coolness of autumn. Many floral arrangements are already available in various fall colors such as blue, brown, rust, gold, and green. You could easily find a nice selection of fall flowers to include on your cake, which would beautifully complement the overall fall theme.

Of course, there are many other ideas that you could use to create wonderful fall wedding cakes. For example, you could bake a simple white buttercream cake and decorate it using fall leaves or pine cones. You could also decorate the cake with fall colored frosting and arrange leaves on top of it.

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Finally, some fall wedding cakes that are considered sexy are semi-naked cakes. These types of cakes usually come in two varieties – one with a full layer of frosting and one that has a partially buried frosting underneath. The semi-naked cake is often covered in gold spray, which gives it a beautiful golden glow. The other type of this type of cake is the flat finished one where the frosting is not fully hidden. This makes the cake sexier since it appears more like it is modeled on a regular sheet cake.

Fall flowers are another great choice for your wedding cake. There are several different types of flowers that would look fantastic as the main flowers in your cake, including white roses, red tulips, white peonies, and yellow mums. Some brides choose to go with fall colored frosting, such as egg whites or mauve since the color palette for fall is quite different from the colors used for summer weddings. However, fall flowers do not have to be limited to these shades, as many of them can be used depending on the theme and overall tone that you want for your wedding party and reception.

Bottom Line

If you want to add some autumn flavor to your wedding cake, try using berries, nuts, apples, cinnamon sticks, cinnamon hearts, cranberries, and dried apples. For an extra special and unique twist, try using blooms of the season as well. Some examples of blooms include black Eyed Susan, Calla Lilies, Diamond buds, Daffodils, Figs, Gerber Daisy, Hot Apple Upside Down, and Iris. The flowers in these cakes could also come in different shades of brown, from light brown to dark brown, which can really lend a fall flavor to the entire reception and the wedding cake itself.

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