Best Hints From a Professional Bridal Make-Up Artist -

Best Hints From a Professional Bridal Make-Up Artist

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Following the right wedding makeup tips is an important part of your big day. As you get ready for your wedding, it’s easy to become distracted and make mistakes. In this article, we’ll cover some common mistakes women make when applying their makeup. These are the top three makeup mistakes that can trip you up on the big day.

An Overview

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While we think you should stay away from loose powder, some women still wear it. When looking for your wedding makeup tips, keep in mind that loose powder can really stand out against the white gown. If you are concerned about a sheening around the cheeks, use translucent powder instead. It will also give you a smoother appearance. However, avoid powdery bases because they will settle into your wrinkles and bring out your lines in an unpleasant way.

Even if you have perfect skin, it’s not a bad idea to get a little bit of help with your wedding makeup tips. Your bridal consultant can help you apply foundation correctly and even make sure you don’t skip a step. She can also help you choose shades that will flatter your face and match your dress. Even if you aren’t completely confident with your makeup, a professional can make sure your look looks flawless.

Dont Miss These Tips

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Many brides make the mistake of not priming their skin before applying foundation. A professional makeup artist should do this and usually begins by applying primer to the entire face and then working in small circles onto the jaw line. For the best results, a bridal makeup artist should prime the face before adding any powder. Remember to purchase a primer that is specially formulated for the type of foundation you plan to wear. Powders can end up caking together and creating “crow’s feet” on your face.

Bridal make-up tips advocate using concealer that is either the same tone as the gown, or slightly darker. You should also use a concealer that is as white as possible, since darker tones tend to wash out the natural skin color more quickly than lighter ones. On-hand make-up can be applied with a brush or with a sponge. If you are using a brush, make sure you start at the bottom and work your way to the top. If you want a smudge-proof application, put a tiny bit of eye-shadow along the lash line and blend the shadow to the tips of your lashes.

Once you’ve applied your foundation, you’ll want to take special care to line the base of your lips and lip liners. A lip liner works wonders for defining the shape of your lips and will help to give a natural effect when you smile. If your natural teeth are crooked, you can use false teeth gel that has been specifically formulated for those with crooked teeth. The best part about false teeth gel is that it stays put!

Final Tips

Finally, you need to choose a shade of lipstick that not only looks good but also suits your skin. When you’re choosing a lipstick, choose a colour that goes with your skin tone as closely as possible. For a bright, fiery red lipstick, choose a darker shade of red; a plum colour for a warm, gorgeous yellow lipstick; or a milky white lipstick if you have a very light skin tone. Be sure to consider your own tastes when it comes to colours.


By following the above tips, you can ensure that your wedding make-up artist is able to create a look that accentuates your best features. You should choose flattering colours, apply your make-up well, and avoid applying too much, which can make your face look washed out. And last but not least, don’t forget to relax. After all, this is your special day.

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