Best Wedding Cake Accessories -

Best Wedding Cake Accessories

best wedding cakes

Wedding cakes looks glamorous and stunning not only because of their three or multiple tiers but also because of some pretty wedding cake accessories. Here is a list that you must invest in.

Wedding Cake Stands

A close up of a wedding cake

Nowadays, along with a beautifully decorated cake, matching and elegant looking wedding cake stands add a glamorous touch to your wedding cakes. There are different cake stands available for different occasions. Some people find it an unnecessary investment, but a cake stand does make a wedding cake look more delicate and ornamental. You just need to invest it in once and then use it repeatedly for years to come. A wedding cake stand is a true ornament that can be handed down from generations to generations. It can also be used for other uses such as using it as a cupcake stand, as a showcase for different desserts, savory snacks and more. 

Wedding Cake Toppers

A close up of a wedding cake

Cake toppers look good when they are placed on top of the cake matching with the theme and occasion. For example, a cake topper of a married couple looks great on a wedding or an anniversary cake. There are different kinds of wedding cake toppers and you can always have a few of them at home as they instantly add a dressy appeal to  your cakes. A dancing couple topper looks perfect on a three-tiered cake and it also adds style and elegance. Some people use a topper after getting it monogramed as per the bride’s name or some other signature. 

Ornamental Cake Knife

You also need to place a pretty cake knife on the table beside your wedding cake to match with the theme and décor. Placing an ordinary knife might take away all the glitz and glam quotient. You get pretty pearly, ornamental, decorated knives that can be used for such festive occasions. Such knives can be used for any birthdays or anniversaries as well. These can be passed down from generations to generations in a family and prove to be an asset.

Other Cake Decorations

Apart from a pretty cake stand and a pretty cake topper, you can also decorate your wedding cake with easy and ready-to-use accessories like an edible cake lace, edible gems and jewels and other edible décor. These look ornamental and dressy and instantly give your cake a festive appeal. You can also get personal monogramed pictures of the bride and groom on the cake with printable and edible ink. Some people just place the photographs of the bride and groom next to the cake to complete the décor of the cake table. 

End Note

A wedding cake is one of the most important parts of a wedding occasion. Both the bride and groom’s families take special care to make a lovely wedding cake and decorate it with the best wedding cake accessories. Ensure that you have the perfect stand and topper to make  your wedding cake stand out.

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