Black Wedding Dresses Equal Sophistication -

Black Wedding Dresses Equal Sophistication

black wedding dresses

The classic image of black is synonymous with royalty. Black as night, black as midnight. From elegant tulle to delicate sultry satin to ornate beading, the classic color black speaks of elegance and majesty. So, for the bride choosing a black dress, good luck selecting a favorite! This black cocktail dress is the perfect classic beauty with a touch of sexy appeal.

The Ball Gown

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There are many varieties of black wedding dresses available in the market but for my money, these 4 styles are the best: the ball gown, the A-line, the princess and the traditional long gown. These styles are all beautiful and different but each has its own unique personality and style that can be captured in photographs beautifully. A great idea is for your wedding photographer to take several pictures of you in your various gowns so that when it’s time for the bride to select her own gown, she’ll have plenty of photos to choose from. I’ve seen in some cases that having several pictures was simply too much – each picture taken a different moment in the story, and it might have been a nice idea to have just one or two of each style to save on production costs.

For inspiration on how to take great photos of black wedding dresses, get online and start clicking away. Don’t worry about the number of photos – take as many as you can, any way you feel comfortable. Just be sure to take at least a few that really stand out as being very different from your usual style. As you develop your photography skills, this will only get easier and more enjoyable.

The Ball Gown. Everyone loves a pretty but simple ball gown. A simple fit with a beautiful finish, the classic look and feel of a ball gown will always impress. If you want to keep the look of your black wedding dress simple but elegant, then a simple lace embellishment like an embroidered corset would be just perfect.

The Sweet Caroline Styles

Lace, chiffon and netting are all popular elements of the classic sweet Caroline styles. These timeless styles are ideal for wedding photography via stills. Even though many brides opt for lace and chiffon dresses nowadays, nothing compares to the look and feel of a sweet Caroline gown in vintage style. Just like the black wedding dresses, a simple combination of a sweet Caroline style with elegant lace will make for a truly unique photo.

Traditional But Elegant

You might think that wedding photography via stills must be boring, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many brides choose gown styles that are reminiscent of the Victorian era, complete with ruffles, gathered skirts and train sets. You can also find many modern-style dresses that are simple yet charming, just like your classic sweet Caroline styles.

Final Words

Elegant Yet Affordable. A lot of people think that the more dramatic their wedding dresses are, the more expensive they will be. However, if a bride is determined to look glamorous even at her lowest budget, black wedding dresses are definitely the way to go. While there are many brides who would love to have a day like Cinderella, chances are that they would have already spent a fortune on her attire, and that doesn’t include the ceremony (and yes, there should be an attire for that as well).

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