Bridesmaid Responsibilities: To Plan A Dream Wedding

Bridesmaid Responsibilities: To Plan A Dream Wedding

Planning for a dream wedding is the responsibilities of the bridesmaid. However, a wedding also involves an army of people, numerous plans, endless work, family drama, emotional ups and downs to make a wedding happen. While some couples rely on wedding planners to plan their once in a lifetime event. While other couples manage everything on their own with their family support and their bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid Responsibilities: To Plan A Dream Wedding

Bridesmaid Responsibilities: To Plan A Dream Wedding

Bridesmaid Responsibilities

Being a bridesmaid is a full-time job where the salary is paid in the form of love and appreciation. She is like the right hand of a bride. Her duties begin the minute she decides to become a bridesmaid. She plays an integral part in making the wedding a memorable event and responsible for managing the bride and her work. She is the one who spreads the joy and fun in all the wedding events.

Bridesmaid: Has Multiple Responsibilities

For every bride, the wedding is the most emotional and memorable time of her life. She needs emotional support, especially from her friends and cousins. Bridesmaid is like the shoulder of the bride, who consoles her, support her and wipe her tears. She gets minute details of every wedding activity. She scouts all the activities and takes care of all the things which a bride needs.

Planning Pre-Wedding Events: Is The First Duty Of A Bridesmaid

As a bridesmaid, she ensures to plan all the pre-wedding activities. From planning a bachelorette party to preparing for dance rehearsals, she properly manages everything. Meeting and greeting the people, ensuring everything on time, are some of the duties they perform.

Pampering The Bride; Second Responsibility

Every bride has mix emotions during her wedding festivities. Some days she is happy; some days, she suffers from emotional breakdown .in that Case, the bridesmaids are the ones who pamper the bride. They give her emotional support and handles her mood swings. As the bridesmaids are the one who becomes her emotional rock during the whole wedding. The bridesmaids need to be available all the time to give a big warm hug to the bride. Of course, they ensure to carry tissue papers to wipe her tears so that the tears will not ruin her mascara.

Bridesmaid Responsibilities: To Plan A Dream Wedding

Bridesmaid Responsibilities: To Plan A Dream Wedding

Certified Candid Photographers

It’s not the photographs that matter but the moments that matter the most. Bridesmaid’s responsibility is to get the candid clicks of all the wedding events. As its not the poses but the candid moments are the ones which a couple cherishes forever.

Shopping Partners

Bridesmaids are the ultimate shopping partners for the bride. They can make themselves available for all the fitting sessions and wedding dress shopping. Moreover, help the bride to pack all the stuff which she needs after her wedding. Furthermore, they also help the bride in her wedding shopping.


From booking the beauty parlor to ensuring the hair and makeup on time, they always get ready for an emergency. The most significant responsibility of a bridesmaid is to turn heads at every wedding event. She also needs to avoid unnecessary headaches and stress at the wedding. They must prevent situations that can, however, ruin the mood of a bride.

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