Bridesmaids:For The Bride

In a wedding ceremony, a lot of people get involved. The people who were in the service can be from both sides. There are a lot of people attending the wedding. Bridesmaids consist of friends, family, and close office colleagues. They represent the bride and help her throughout the wedding ceremony.

Bridesmaid Responsibilities: To Plan A Dream Wedding
Bridesmaid Responsibilities: To Plan A Dream Wedding

Bridesmaids: Maid-Of-Honour

Bridesmaid is considered to be the maid of honor to the bride. Bridesmaid is not a person but consists of a group of trustworthy people, close to the bride.

Role Of Bridesmaids In The Wedding

If one is elected to be the bride made of the bride, they have to perform a lot of duties and responsibilities. A bridesmaid has to put in a lot of effort during the wedding.

Buying Bridesmaids Dress

One of the main work ok that the bridesmaid does is to buy a proper wedding dress. The dress of the bridesmaid comparatively matches the clothing of the bride. The bride might wear a bit different dress cause it will be her wedding dress. In most of the weddings, the bride pays the cost of a bridesmaid dress. Some times the bridesmaid pays for herself.

Coming To The Wedding And Enjoying Themselves And Dancing

Attending a marriage where one is the bridesmaid is fun and exciting. Being a bridesmaid a person gets extra attention from the guests and people who attend the wedding, there is a lot of expectations with the bridesmaid. The bridesmaid performs a particular activity for the bride and the groom. They celebrate the power of love as well as friendship in their act.

Planning For Bachelorette Party And Bridal Shower

The bridesmaid is there not only to attend the wedding but also to celebrate the bachelorette party and bridal shower of the bride. One plans a lot regarding the Bachelorette party as well as the bridal shower of the bride. Being a bridesmaid, the person enjoys to the fullest as they are very close to the bride.

Attending Weddings Reversals And Rehearsal Dinner Practices

Before any wedding ceremony, there is a rehearsal for the service as well as for dinner after the ceremony. These include very close and specific people. There are a limited number of people who attend rehearsals. These people are marked very close to the family. A bridesmaid has a lot of duties to perform. One of the responsibilities is to visit these rehearsals as they are very much close to the bride. They have to be present in every ritual the bride goes through for her mental support.

To Be The Support Of The Bride On Her Big Day


On the wedding day, the bride is the most nervous of all. The bridesmaid must keep up the spirit of the bride as well as to fill her up with positivity. The bridesmaids help the bride to regain self-power and encourage her to remain positive. On the day of the wedding, the bridesmaids perform several acts. They deliver heart-warming speeches regarding the bride, as well as the groom. The bride and the bridesmaids share a unique and close bond.

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