Chinese Wedding Decorations A Deep Meaning For the Couple and Their Family -

Chinese Wedding Decorations A Deep Meaning For the Couple and Their Family

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There are two main types of Chinese wedding decorations. The first one is for the guest of honor and the other one is for everyone else. For the guest of honor, there is a more formal type of Chinese decoration and this is what you will see at most weddings in Asia. In Chinese weddings, where the Chinese wedding ceremony is particularly intimate and just for the bride and groom’s families, the Chinese bridal party (the guests of both the bride and groom’s families) also have their own unique Chinese wedding decorations. The gifts that they bring for the bride and groom are very special because these are symbolic of the happy union between the two families.

Traditional Gifts For Bride

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Traditionally, the gifts given to the bride by the people around her on her wedding day are made from pure gold, jade and pearl. To signify the auspicious date of her marriage, these gifts are also embellished with various gemstones and encrusted with precious stones. The gifts for the bridal bed include items like a sedan chair which are very comfortable, a round tray, and a big mirror. These items were originally given to the bride by her family members on the auspicious date of her marriage.

Tea ceremonies are very common and are a crucial part of Chinese culture. Unlike Christianity and Islam, in China people believe in reincarnation, and they believe that each person will receive a good fortune after their death. This is the reason why they hold a wedding ceremony. In the course of the tea ceremony, the groom will offer five coins to his bride as a wedding present. The five coins symbolize the five elements that make up the nature of the earth: water, fire, metal and wood.

See The Symbolic Significance 

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If you look at Chinese coins, you can see the symbolic significance of them. For instance, the most auspicious coins are the ones that have one face of a dragon and one of a horse. These coins are representative of prosperity, while those that have a face of a dragon and a horse represent good luck or fortune. The auspicious colors of Chinese wedding decorations are green and gold. Gold is the most auspicious color of all while the green represents heaven and the sun, which is the sign of life, to be associated with happiness.

 Symbolize The Relationship Between The Bride And The Groom

The most important thing about the Chinese wedding curtains is that they are used to symbolize the relationship between the bride and the groom. Double happiness symbolized by the bright and colorful colors of the curtain also symbolize a happy marriage. For instance, red is the most auspicious color of all, while white is the color of joy. Black is the color that symbolizes death, and therefore black curtains should not be used in a wedding because they are considered unlucky.

Last Words

Another tradition that is related to the betrothal gifts is the silk flower bouquet. The bride bought the flowers from the florist, which were then brought to the wedding venue. The flowers were not only given as gifts but were also used as part of the decoration of the bridal room. As soon as the bride and groom enter the bridal room, they will be welcomed with a flower bouquet on their way to the bed. The custom in this regard is to symbolize the start of their married life together. Thus, we can say that the Chinese wedding decorations have a deep meaning not only for the couple themselves, but also for the entire family.

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