Choosing The Best Wedding Cakes Tops For Your Sweet Duchess -

Choosing The Best Wedding Cakes Tops For Your Sweet Duchess

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Wedding cake tops are an important part of any wedding. No matter if it’s the first or the tenth wedding of the couple tying the knot, wedding cake tops are a part of every wedding no matter how it was made or where it was. The photos which a couple may have of wedding cakes tops with elaborate floral arrangements, with romantic candles, with plates and serving dishes piled high in food and drinks, having couples dancing around the dance floor are all snapshot of a wedding that should be remembered forever.

An Overview


For those who have chosen a simple wedding ceremony with just close family and friends, wedding cakes tops are much easier to create. However for someone who wishes to have a very elaborate one for their big day, it will mean spending a fair amount of money. Most of the time, the baker will use buttercream or fondant to work on top of the cake. These products are quite easy to find in any local store. They come in a wide variety of colors, and they can also be purchased in different flavors so one can choose from among their favorites.

If one is on a tight budget but still wants to have the best wedding cake, then making homemade sweets and cakes is a great option. For this, one will only need a mixing bowl, sugar, baking powder, lemon juice and oil. There are many other things that one will need in order to make their homemade treats, but these are the basics. It will take a little more time than buying pre-made ones, but it can still be a very fulfilling way to show your loved one how much you care about them.

Choosing The Best Wedding Cakes

A woman wearing a wedding cake

For a more elaborate wedding cake, one may want to buy pre-made ones. There are many varieties available to choose from, and each one will look much better on the actual wedding day than they do at a local bakery. For a more traditional look, a cream color icing will work well and add elegance to the duchess’s wedding day.

The only thing left to do is to choose the perfect wedding cake tops for their special occasion. For votes concerning which wedding cake is the best wedding cake, it seems that taste must be put above beauty. However, there are still many options available. One can choose from cupcake toppers or something a bit more classy like a wedding crown. For those who vote beauty over taste, there are plenty of beautiful wedding cakes with stunning toppers out there to choose from.

One thing to remember when choosing toppers for wedding cakes is that they do not have to be traditional. People have been topping cakes for as long as they have been making edible delights. If you want to try something a bit out of the ordinary, then you might consider a topper that has an interesting shape or design. Such designs include teddy bears, flowers, hearts and many more.

When choosing which wedding cake toppers are right for your sweet duchess, you should consider her personality and preferences. The best choices are the ones that match what she enjoys doing as much as they match her appearance. The last thing you want to do is to choose something that is completely inappropriate for her big day. It could be the difference between her having a great wedding day and one that are less than memorable.

In The End

The first step in deciding which wedding cake toppers are best for your sweet duchess is to take into consideration her hobbies, interests, favorite colors, favorite perfume, favorite flowers and any other information that you may have about her. From there, you can put together a nice shopping list for your baker. This way you can make sure he has all the appropriate items you are looking for. Finally, once you have your choice made and your cake and your baker are all set to go, make sure you double check your order. This ensures that your wedding day will be special and memorable.

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