Costco Wedding Cake- A Perfect Delight For The Occasion

Wedding Cakes Costco

Meta description: Costco’s wedding cake is the best in taste and economic delight one can have. Add more delight to your occasion with such a cake.

Hey, fellas looking for a scrumptious cake to make your wedding a perfect one!!! Here we are with the Costco Wedding Cake for you. Costco is the best discount store offering a large number of varieties of cakes to its customers. As they go with the tagline “Happy Customer Happy Us.” It offers a large amount of discount on all the items to their members. And when it comes to the wedding cake, Costco is undoubtedly the best choice one can opt for. After trying out Costco, wedding cakes are a delicacy in which one wants to be a part of their special day. Presently they are offering only two options: white and chocolate. The white cake is a combo of vanilla mousse filling with buttercream frosting. The chocolate cake is a mixture of chocolate mousse with chocolate buttercream frosting. In both the cakes, the taste is enhanced by this special buttercream frosting used by them.

Are Costco Wedding Cakes Good?

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These days the cost of cakes is increasing, and the taste is decreasing. Costco wedding cake is not only presentably good, but it is mouthwatering too. Costco uses a chocolate mousse, which is far better and lighter than the original frosting. This adds to the flavor and is thereby not too sweet. They are pocket friendly at the same time giving you home feel.

How To Order a Costco Wedding Cake?

Ordering Costco’s wedding cake is a simple and easy task. All you have to do is reach your nearest Costco and fill-up the form. The day, date, and time of pickup should be mentioned to avoid any inconvenience. A minimum of 24 hours prior to booking is required. It also renders a lot of options for decoration, keeping your pocket in mind. Mostly they keep a stock of ready cakes. If you miss to book it in advance, you need not worry. All you have to do is just mention your occasion and purpose. You’ll get the cake of your choice. A standard Costco wedding cake serves 48 pieces of decent size with a single-serve.


The basic essential is to have a membership in Costco. If you are not a member of it, you won’t be able to enjoy the discount benefit. That doesn’t mean a non-member can’t enjoy the lip-smacking Costco wedding cake. You can also approach anyone in your acquaintance who possesses its membership. The booking should be made in advance to enjoy a hassle-free experience. They accept only Visa credit cards. Their cakes are budget-friendly with a delightful taste. The weight of their cakes is more than that of a newborn. They also have a variety of premade cakes. They are frosting and decoration free. But you have a solution to this as well. Go with the readymade frosting and decorations. To conclude, Costco’s wedding cakes are not only a delight to one’s pocket. But renders a home feel too, making your occasions more memorable.

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