Country Wedding Songs That Are Sentimental Enough

Country Wedding Songs That Are Sentimental Enough

Your wedding is one of the most occasions of your life. Couples invest a lot of thoughts, time and energy to make this occasion a perfect and memorable one. Starting from the venue, dress, makeup, food, cake, decor and not to forget the music. The music sets the tone of your wedding. Along with other preparations, you must also prepare your wedding playlist beforehand. Every song must go well with the ceremonies. Wedding is a sentimental series of ceremonies. The bride, bridegroom and their families have a lot of feelings and emotions attached to the weddings. Hence, the playlist must compliment the tone of the entire wedding. The best wedding songs compliment all the other arrangements and bring in a joyous feel to the wedding aura.
Listed below are some country wedding songs that are sentimental enough:

Country Wedding Songs That Are Sentimental Enough
Country Wedding Songs That Are Sentimental Enough

The Prelude

As your guests start entering into the venue and taking their seats, there must be some soothing music in the background. The prelude music is among the first things that catch the attention of the guests in a wedding. This kind of music is generally soft and light to the ears. You can also choose some specific songs that are not too loud or too soft. But do make sure that they retain the feel of your wedding.


The processional song is the one that is played during the entry of the wedding parties to the ceremony. The parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, close relatives, etc. are included here. Processional music is mostly instrumental and soft like the prelude.

Bridal Procession

This is one of the most awaited moments of the wedding. The entry of the bride, along with her bridesmaids! The bride is always the showstopper at the wedding. Hence, this is a moment of great significance. Choose the songs that go with the personality of the bride, and that is meaningful. Let the guests get overwhelmed with the beauty of the bride and the effect of the background music.


The music that is played after the couple leave the stage as husband and wife is called recessional. Songs played during this time must be happy and full of life. You can either go for an instrumental one or popular numbers like Signal, Sealed, Delivered by Steve Wonder. This music should be able to convey the feelings of happiness of the couple.

Reception Entrance

The first entry together as husband and wife is in their reception. Hence, the entry should be with a bang. Go for the most rocking number for this occasion. And enter the party with full enthusiasm as a married couple.

Country Wedding Songs That Are Sentimental Enough
Country Wedding Songs That Are Sentimental Enough

First Couple Dance

This is yet another exciting part of a wedding. The first couple of dance is both a joyous and sentimental occasion. The song for the first dance should be chosen mutually. Go for a sweet romantic number that will excite the love between you more and more.
Father-Daughter Song

A girl is always her daddy’s princess. Hence this dance should be full of sweetness and emotions. Choose the music accordingly.

The Last Song

This is the chance for all family members and guests to hit the dance floor. The music should be loud and happening, enough to make all the people come to the dance floor.