Designer Wedding Dresses – Look Like A Diva On Your Big Day

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A wedding is an auspicious occasion in everyone’s life. It is supposed to be memorable and filled with memories of love and laughter. The decorations, food, and wedding attire are some of the main highlights of a wedding. Wedding dresses are magnificent at every wedding. They are elegant, sophisticated, and expensive. Many wedding dresses are designed exclusively by famous fashion designers. The dresses are of different shapes, have varying lengths, and are available in different colors. The bride faces an ultimate challenge in wearing a wedding gown that is not only beautiful but is unique and able to make a statement above other types of dresses. The wedding gowns and dresses are of different types. Some of the different designer wedding dresses for the bride include the following.

Designer Wedding Dresses – Ball Gown Wedding Dress

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Ball gown wedding dresses are known to be charming for their striking, full-skirted silhouettes. For a fairy tale wedding, this gown gives a proper princess look like the hem of the dress is in the shape of a ball and is similar to the types of dresses that the princesses in earlier centuries used to wear. The skirt is full and sometimes flowing whereas the bodice of the gown or the upper part is well-fitted. The waistline appears perfectly well cinched showcasing the definite shape of the body. The appropriate fitting of the bodice and flaring out of the hem allows the dress to be figure-flattering for all kinds of body types. 

Designer Wedding Dresses – Mermaid Gown Wedding Dress

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Mermaid gown wedding dress is usually fit to the bodice and until the hips from where it flares out. The design is created in such a way that it matches the shape of a mermaid’s tail. Mermaid gowns can be worn by brides who wish to highlight their natural curves and show off their figures. The drama and volume created by the flare make this dress unusually dramatic. Mermaid gown dress also adds an illusion of an hourglass shape if the bride is more on the slim or petite side.  The snug-fitting of the dress begins from the chest and ends below the hips. The fitting around the hips includes tapering and ruching which compliments strategically with the fitted bust.

Designer Wedding Dresses – Sheath Gown Wedding Dress

Sheath gown wedding dresses normally involve long, straight lines of the dress that accentuates the natural shape of the body. The majority of the sheathed dresses for the bride are snugly fitted around the hips and allow the natural figure of the bride to show, highlighting their feminine charms. The form-fitting style of dress can be worn in any type of fabric such as lace, satin, or even embellished beading. The dress is comfortable to wear and one doesn’t feel constricted.


These dresses are in huge demand nowadays. With the fashion trend changing day by day, new styles are creatively implored and hence a bride is never tired from choosing dresses among many options.

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