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DIY Ideas For Rustic Wedding Decor Ideas

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There is something for everyone whether you want to use traditional motifs such as a pair of old boots on a wedding dress or a natural rock formation as your table centerpiece.

Flowers are an important feature in rustic wedding decorations. A set of large urn shaped like conches, placed on high stumps will make an inviting first impression as guests make their way into the reception hall. These make an elegant first impression as flanking the front entrance to your rustic wedding, they also make a pleasing first impression to your guests who are all enjoying the fresh air. A pair of large conches held on both sides by branches of Holly will be especially striking against a backdrop of deep pink flowers in a vase.

Guest Seating

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Another rustic wedding decoration feature is guest seating. Guest tables are a great feature of rustic decorating as guests can sit around them and enjoy the rustic surroundings. In the case of a guest table runner, the runner can be placed on one side of the tables and could even be designed to form part of the table centerpiece. In this way, the rustic decorations not only act as centerpieces on the tables but act as seating for the guests as well.

Along with table settings, rustic wedding decorations also include items such as corbels. A corbel is a small wall mounted fence that is used to add visual interest to the interior of a venue. It can include ornate iron brackets or simply simple straight sides. If you wish you can have the corbel made of material such as metal or stone. The metal corbel will be especially effective as it can be matched to any rustic furniture and can create an authentic contrast.

DIY Projects

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Rustic decorations can also take the form of DIY projects. For example, one idea is to make use of wine glass charms. These are small clear glass jars that can be filled with water or wine. A creative method of making use of these jars is to cover them with a cloth, paint them a beautiful color and then attach a metal or wooden sprig on the top of the jar. These can then be strategically placed around the reception hall and at each table.

In addition to this DIY ideas for rustic wedding decor ideas, it is also possible to use unique DIY lighting fixtures. Some of these lighting fixtures are hand crafted and made using organic materials. A popular rustic style for these lighting fixtures is to place small twinkling lights in various locations around the reception venue. One thing to remember however, is to aim these twinkling lights in a downward direction as if aiming them at the guests.

Add An Excellent Touch

Rustic centerpieces can also add an excellent touch to the wedding reception. One idea is to make use of an old-fashioned pewter pot filled with sand, stones or dried corn which can then be strung upon a large branch. Another rustic centerpiece idea is to use an old style wedding arch. These can be created using dried corn, dried flowers or any other natural product.

As you can see, these DIY ideas for rustic wedding decor ideas are not difficult to carry out. For example, you may not need any special lighting, but merely a few carefully placed twinkling lights. There are several benefits of this approach over other options.

Final Words 

For example, if you have a very small guest list, this will allow each guest to have individual lighting which is very easy to accomplish without having to rely on a single light. In addition, you can create your own unique centerpieces by using different natural products instead of store-bought ones.

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