Elegant Wedding Decorations- Tips And Ideas


It’s time to dust off the tables, chairs, and vases and start thinking about the wedding decorations for your special day. It’s a wonderful time to let your creative juices flow and discover some beautiful and elegant decorations that will make any wedding look absolutely stunning. Here are some ideas you might like to consider.

Ideas To Consider

Table Centerpieces – You can make a centerpiece for your table out of flowers and planters. Make the centerpiece look like something special and then add flowers to the top of each place setting. Then add a few smaller vases filled with colored flowers to make a unique centerpiece.

Chandeliers – You can use chandeliers to hang around the room during the reception. Arrange them in an artful arrangement or create some unique fairy tale themes by arranging several of them. You can also place chandeliers above your reception tables to add elegance and drama to the reception. A silver or crystal chandelier is an easy choice for making a spectacular centerpiece.

Elegant Wedding Decorations
Elegant Wedding Decorations

Florals – Use flowers to create elegant arrangements. Have several different flowers arranged in containers on each table? Planters can be placed in front of the tables. The simplest way to arrange them is by using soft pebbles.

Flowers And The Animals

There are lots of animals and floral arrangements that will help set the tone for your wedding decoration ideas. Consider using butterflies, birds, starfish, flowers, and more. Use these to create a whimsical scene.

Simple Items – Try using an inexpensive piece of ribbon to tie the centerpiece to the table. This will bring the focus back to the main piece of decorating the room. You can use the remainder of the ribbon to tie the flowers together. Make sure the wedding decorations include only the topmost leaves as this will create a much more elegant look.

Wedding Favors – You can find favors for your wedding in stores and online. Try using candles, glass votives, and tinsel to accent your arrangements. You can use a couple of these to create a romantic scene. You can also tie the candle and/or tinsel to the centerpiece to make it a perfect addition to your decorations.

Elegant Wedding Decorations
Elegant Wedding Decorations

When shopping for your wedding decorations, you will need to know what sort of reception you are having. There are a variety of different styles and types of centerpieces. Some might be more formal, while others may be more casual.


Decorations can be purchased either at the time of the wedding or later on after the wedding has taken place. Wedding supply stores can be an excellent place to start your search for wedding decorations. Some local stores will also carry a small selection of supplies that you can purchase when you arrive at the wedding venue.

You will find there are plenty of online stores that sell wedding decorations for the bride and groom. Many of them will provide all the details of what they offer and how much they charge. Be sure to check them out and compare prices. If you do not have much extra money to spend, you can go with what is available locally.

Make the most of your special moment. When choosing your decorations, consider how important the reception will be on your big day. Many couples use the wedding as a point to capture their moments. You can make your wedding decorations reflect the occasion in the way you choose to decorate.

Bottom Line

When looking for elegant arrangements, it is also a good idea to consider how much care and detail you want to put into each one. You can always cut costs by purchasing the supplies on your own. You can even buy the supplies in bulk and save even more money.