Essential Wedding Accessories For The Bride And Groom

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You have your dress which you wanted to wear on your special day, the groom’s tux is also ready. Your wedding party has everything which will make it look beautiful. To complete the wedding look you need a personal touch. Common wedding accessories will make your hairstyle more beautiful. You can add glitter to your and can pair your wedding dress with shoes of striking pop colour.

You can put your personal and sentimental touches in your wedding accessories. You can make yourself make an accessory, or you can carry your heirloom and display it as you walk down the aisle.

You have the option to design your won look on your big day. Here are some of the bridal wedding accessory that you can get:

Essential Wedding Accessories For The Bride And Groom
Essential Wedding Accessories For The Bride And Groom

Shoes Are Part Of Wedding Accessories:

You can let your shoes express your style even if your dress is a traditional one. Since you will be spending your better part of the day on your feet it is necessary to balance style, budget, comfort. Choose heals that don’t sink into the grass. You can even change to flats at the end of the day.

Choose your shoes as soon as you start choosing your wedding dress.  If you have a long dress then choose a pair of shoes with bright colours so that it pops out even from your long wedding dress.


Veils come in many lengths especially the traditional ones. The birdcage veil covers your eyes or is just up to the top of your head and are the shortest one. The blusher veil reaches your shoulder and the fingertips veil extends to your hips. Choose a chapel or cathedral-length that follows behind you during the ceremony for a dramatic entrance.

Your veil matches with your dress unless you want something different.

Bouquet Toss Can Be Among Wedding Accessories As Well:

You can either break-free the traditional designs or you can follow them. The stem of the bouquet with ribbons, lace can be added to get a personal or sentimental touch.

You can even make your DIY bouquet from the local wildflowers. You can make blooms of paper or fabric, or you can even try buttons or brooches.

Essential Wedding Accessories For The Bride And Groom

Hair Accessories For Wedding:

Based on your wedding dress, makeup and weather you style your hair for the day. Your veil also determines whether your accessories go with your overall look. Some of the famous accessories include combs covered with beads and gemstone, birdcage veils, small decorative hairpins.


The wedding jewellery adds a finishing touch to your bridal look. The full jewellery includes earrings. A neckpiece, bracelet or a ring depending on your choice. Choose jewellery according to the colour of your dress. The jewellery can be matched with floral designs and bouquet.

So, if you are using these things, you would shine in the dress of bride or bridegroom. You would really be able to become the centre of attraction during the whole time of the wedding. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your accessories right now!