Four Wedding Candle Decorations Ideas That Will Steal The Limelight -

Four Wedding Candle Decorations Ideas That Will Steal The Limelight

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A wedding is the most memorable part of a person’s life. It is a photo gallery of memories for the souls to cherish forever. But, when this wedding gets the most eye-catching decorations, then it becomes more remarkable. It is seen that guests often enjoy more in a dimly lit room than a flashy ambience. So, how to get the perfect ambience for a wedding? 

Take a look at these four wedding candle decorations ideas that you will surely love.


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Candelabras are nothing new in present times. They have existed for centuries and we have always enjoyed watching them in the Harry Potter movies. So, if you are planning a wedding where you will have a lot of tables, then candelabras should stand on each of them. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can add glamour to a simple display. Additionally, you can use only white candles and not coloured ones. It’s because white candles give sufficient light to a moody dark area.

Pillar Candles

This is among those wedding candle decorations that instantly makes a person exclaim ‘So Romantic!’ But, remember that there is no particular limit up to which you add candles to your wedding decoration. To simply put, it’s ‘More the Merrier’. You can add pillar candles in groups on the tables or hang them in the light fixtures. However, you can also hand votive candles to give an ornamental touch to the decoration. Oh yes, do not forget to light up the outside space of your wedding venue.


If you are looking for cheap and easy wedding candle decorations ideas, then candlesticks and taper candles should be your best choices. If the background of your wedding is set in green, then these two candle ideas will perfectly compliment it. However, to give a more royal look, you must make sure that you get only the gold candlesticks. Moreover, you can include some white-coloured votives and fruit accents. Whatever it is, do not forget to fill up any open space with candles.

Starry Sky

Nowadays, most weddings take place under a clear roof. But, having a simple void space above does not give the best look. So, to create a starry sky, one can hang glass orbs filled with tea lights. This idea is sure to add a five-star to your wedding. Also, you can place candles of varying heights throughout the floor and on tables as well. Make sure that your wedding destination gets a grand entrance with tea lights and candles placed on both sides.

Modern And Sleek

Don’t think that wedding candle decorations ideas are obsolete. You never know how your wedding can get simple and romantic looks with these four wedding ideas. That being said, we hope that you get a ‘lit’ wedding using only candles.    

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