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Halloween Wedding Decorating Ideas For Your Big Day

halloween wedding decorations

Halloween is a holiday celebrated worldwide. In the United States, Halloween is observed as a legal holiday with the permission of the federal government. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays with children and adults alike, and Halloween wedding decorations are popular as well. They are a fun way to decorate your wedding ceremony. In this article, we will provide some suggestions for unique Halloween wedding decorations.

Ways To Celebrate This Special Holiday

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If you’re having your wedding during the “Halloween” season, there are many ways to celebrate this special holiday. One easy way to liven up the celebration is to add a touch of fantasy and creativity to your wedding. For instance, why not create a “haunted house” motif for your table? You can buy a large spiderweb design from an online store or print out a ghostly version of yourself. You can use white candles to create a luminous glow for your guests and use black paper flowers to dress your table with motifs of bats, spiders, webs and bats.

Gothic Look Of White And Black

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The “Halloween” theme can extend to your invitations. Instead of using the traditional “Bagworts” color scheme, why not use a more Gothic look of white and black? A Gothic wedding invitation would include a very dark colored background with a very black and white colored text. For a truly Gothic invitation, you may want to add a small tattoo of a skull or a cross on the front cover. To add even more Gothic accents to your themed invitations, you can use black ribbon to outline them. For an extra effect, you could use a black lace-up cuff around the wrist of your gown.

As Simple As Candy Canes

Halloween themed wedding favors can be as simple as candy canes. If you decide to give these favors, be sure to choose candies that are small enough to fit into a pumpkin, so they can be easily taken home after Halloween is over. This is also a great time to mention “Trick or Treat”, because most couples these days will have some sort of children’s Halloween costume contest at their wedding. There are literally thousands of ideas for these little treats that you can give your guests to remember your big day.

How about some ghosts and goblins to help set the tone for your wedding? With a very Gothic theme, you can get a very Gothic-looking invitation. A couple of very simple steps, including one that is very simple but effective, is to include an eye catching phrase in Gothic lettering such as “What you see is what you get” or “It’s in your eyes”. Another idea is to put two brackets around the word “You” and write a question mark, “Is that a friend?”. This will cleverly draw the eye (and hopefully the ear) towards the invitation.

Final Words

These are just a few Halloween wedding decorating ideas that you can use to make your big day an incredible experience. You can even take these same decorations and create personalized invitations for each guest. Take a look around at all of the various websites that offer Halloween wedding planning tips and tricks. You are certain to find something that will be perfect for your wedding!

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