Happy Birthday Dear Friend: Tips To Make A Special Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

We all have wonderful friends in our lives, and no matter how old we are, their birthday remains unique to us. You sure remember the days when you used to craft handmade cards for your besties or close friends? That felt amazing, isn’t it? Yes, indeed. So, why not you revive those beautiful memories by wishing your friend with handmade happy birthday dear friend cards? And add a few lines of special handwritten message? Your buddy will love to get such a sweet gesture as you put your time and effort to make the card. Handmade happy birthday dear friend card always bring a smile on the receiver’s face and rekindle the connection.

But even when we desire to make a unique card for our friends, as adults, we may feel stuck while making it. As a child, we didn’t have so much thought about what our friends won’t like but what they love. Here are some excellent tips that you will enjoy and some personalized message ideas to write on the card:

Happy Birthday Dear Friend: Tips To Make A Special Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Dear Friend: Tips To Make A Special Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Dear Friend: Making A Basic Card

When you are planning to make a birthday card, you have to focus on its design. Based on its design, you must choose the card-materials, embellishments.

  • Choosing Design To Make

As you plan to make a card for your friend, you must take care of what he/she loves. And according to that, you have to conjure up a unique card design. When you make a personalized design over random ones, it touches a chord with the people. So, always plan the card design first.

  • Gather The Materials Including Embellishments

Now, as you have already arranged good card design to craft for your bestie, it’s time to arrange the materials. You have to choose the card paper, drawing materials, and embellishments like ribbons, craft items, etc. The decorations would look great if it depicts some theme that your friend loves. So, always choose the crafting materials wisely and have fun in the process.

  • Focus On Card Shape

You should feel free to tailor some crazy ideas just as crazy you two are. It will fit perfectly with the unique relationship you have with your friend. Therefore, the card shapes can be exciting and added with fun elements too.

Friendship Messages: What To Write On Your Friendship Card

You can write a variety of things on the card, but all must have good resonance with your bond with your friend. There are various ways you can say what you feel for him/her and wish with all the love:

  • What About A Sweet Compliment!

If you don’t want to write something generic, then give some sweet compliment. We all love to receive beautiful compliments. And when it’s a birthday, your friend will love it when you would add a sweet note on the card. However, I always compliment the quality the person possesses.

Happy Birthday Dear Friend: Tips To Make A Special Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Dear Friend: Tips To Make A Special Birthday Card
  • Hmm!! An Edgy Compliment!

You can’t give an edgy complement to everyone but that extremely close and cool one. Whether you will be writing an edgy compliment or not is better known to you.

  • Express Your Gratitude

You know how much you appreciate the presence of your friend in your life. So, why not express it in written words with a personal touch to it? The more specific your words would be, the message will reach better.

  • Share A Friendship Quote

About friendship, you will find lots and lots of quotes on the internet, which are great. Or else, you explore your favorite movies, songs, books, or other sources to bring out words on friendship. It will make the person feel extremely special as the source has a common bond in your heart.

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