Happy Birthday To Big Brother: Send Words Of Wisdom To Him

Happy Birthday To Big Brother

Why not this year, wish happy birthday to big brother with words of wisdom? That may seem different but can be extremely special and unique. Usually, our elders wish us with words of wisdom, and it’s just role reversal in a fun way. Your brother will surely love some thoughtful wisdom bites from his little brother/sister. You can wish a happy birthday to big brother with personalize cards with some wonderful wisdom. Your words of wisdom don’t have to all serious, add humor to have a good laugh. When you share some words of wisdom to your brother, he will surely love it.

Happy Birthday Big Brother: When You Stay Under The Same Roof

We all have various relationships in our life as there are people of various relations. But there is one relationship that is extremely special and unique; that’s the bond between the siblings. When you have a sibling, you know how precious the relationship is.

Happy Birthday To Big Brother: Send Words Of Wisdom To Him
Happy Birthday To Big Brother: Send Words Of Wisdom To Him

You may fight a lot, but the connections and stories you share with each other matters the most. Here are some fun words of wisdom you can say to your brother:

  • I will annoy you even if it’s your birthday. So, there won’t be any exception today. Well, Happy Birthday, though.
  • Happy birthday to my sweetest guardian. Thanks for being my protector, advisor, playmate, and everything since my birth.
  • Today is your birthday, and I can’t wait to tell you how special you are, big brother. Thank you for being a wonderful person you are. I always look up to you as inspiration. I wish you a crazy birthday bro. Wait for it!

When You Guys Stay Apart From Each Other

When we are with our siblings, we may annoy each other a lot. But when we are away, we feel the emptiness within our hearts. As we grow up, get into a college, start our career, or get married, we stay away from our siblings. Then we recall how precious our relationship was with each other. It reminds us of all the stories we share, all the fights we had still always have each other’s back.

Happy Birthday To Big Brother: Send Words Of Wisdom To Him
Happy Birthday To Big Brother: Send Words Of Wisdom To Him

Now, when it’s your big brother or sister’s birthday, why not surprise them with a personalized birthday card? You guys may stay apart physically, but it will surely bring joy to their faces. When you make a personalized birthday card like old times, add some fun words of wisdom. Something you write that evokes the fun memories you shared together. Here are some ideas of such words of wisdom or birthday wishes:

  • Hey, big brother! Let’s pop some champagne. Here’s a toast to your awesome life. Love you a lot.
  • It’s your birthday, and I now understand how special you are to me. I miss all our times fighting, caring, and all the scolds from Mom and Dad. You always look after me when I was in trouble. Just want to say that I love you to the moon and back Big Bro!

Happy Birthday, Oldie! Yes, you became one more year old, but still, you will have to listen to my jokes. Even when we are apart, I love to annoy you with my classic humor.

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