How To Put Your Wedding Stands Together

stands for wedding cakes

For those looking to save money, many people will turn to buying pre-made wedding cake stands. The problem with these is that they are usually not as well made as the ones you can make at home, and you won’t be able to customize them to suit your taste. However, if you have some basic skill in making cakes and are able to find a good supplier you can save a lot of money.

These stands are much like the ones that you would use when serving wedding cakes to your guests. All you need to do is put up the stand and have all the ingredients on hand so that you don’t have to worry about having to run out and buy a cake pan or making your own. After you have all the ingredients together, you can begin assembling the stand. If you are lucky enough to have a cake decorator as part of the wedding party, you can let him do the assembly for you.

Tips To Assemble Wedding Cake Stands

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You will need to prepare your cake to fit in the stand before you even start to assemble it. This means removing any decorations such as ribbons or glitter or other adornments, and you will also have to remove any icing that has been used to finish your cake. Then you need to fill the stand with a layer of cake so that it is level and firm.

Next you need to set the base of the stand on top of the cake. You can either do this by using the base of the stand as a base, or with the help of another person. You will want to position it to one side so that the cake is between the base of the stand base. You will then need to line the base with your preferred icing.

Now it’s time to decorate the cake. If you want to have a more professional looking cake, you may choose to put down the icing on a backing board, or perhaps even use a decorative brush. If you want the icing to come out easily you can use a pastry bag, but if you prefer to have a more messy look it may be best to use your own decorating techniques.

Decorate Your Wedding Cake

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When decorating your cake you will need to use your decorative tools. Some cake decorators will supply the tools that you need, while others may have them on their website. If you know how to decorate a regular cake, you will probably have some tools that you already own, while if you don’t you may have to buy them.

One of the decorative tools that you will need to put your stand together is a small spatula. This is for scraping off the frosting or icing that has been used on the cake. It also helps you spread the icing around the base of the stand to make sure that it stays evenly.

Starting Icing Or Frosting

Finally you need to prepare the cake decorating stand that you will be using. Again you will need to prepare this with some icing or frosting. The frosting needs to be thick enough so that it covers the stand but not too thick that it melts, or else it will leave a mess in your hands. The stand should have the necessary support to keep it in place.

After you have finished preparing your cake, it is time to put it on the stand and move it around the room to let the cake decorating begin. You need to start by decorating the top layer with a thin border that runs from the edge of the cake to the middle, then add in the layers that you want to adorn. In some cases you may need to add more icing to make sure that it stays in place.

Once you are done decorating you will need to decorate the sides with another border. and then move on to the center. Finally, you will want to decorate the bottom of the cake, adding in any embellishments. to make it look more polished.

Final Thoughts

Once you are done decorating the cake, you will want to apply your finishing touches by decorating the stand with flowers and ribbon. If you want to add flowers, it will be better if you tie some ribbon around the stand with a ribbon that you got at a craft store or a ribbon that you made yourself. These decorations will add a special touch to your cake as well.

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