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Kleinfeld Concept You Should Learn About Today

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Everybody would like to have someone special working on their wedding because it is definitely a special day for the couple getting married. We have had several companies take over the top 10 list when it comes to dressing up the couple for a special occasion and in this article, we have discussed Kleinfeld. Say yes to the dress are the words that conjure up images of exquisite dresses. Let’s know more about the salon behind it.  

Kleinfeld History 

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The history of Kleinfeld spans more than 75 years. It has been providing wedding dresses, with exceptional service, to brides over the years. It was established in the year 1941 and from then, its goal has been to help brides find that perfect dress for their wedding day. Their commitment is to stay with the bride throughout her journey – from the day she says yes to the dress till the moment she says I do. In 1941 it was started by the Kleinfeld family, Hedda Kleinfeld and Jack Schacter at Brooklyn. Its first store, a single store, featured fur and special occasion dresses with three dressing rooms. Then in the year 1968, Hedda Kleinfeld introduced dresses from European designers. The company then removed the options of fur and evening dresses to only selling bridal dresses in the year 1979. These wedding dresses included around 400 styles. Over the years Kleinfeld changed its owners thrice in the years 1990, 1996, and 1999. 

Kleinfeld – Say Yes To The Dress

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Today it is one of the finest bridal salons with over 250 professionals, including veterans from the early days of Brooklyn. Say yes to the dress, a reality show on TLC that follows the happenings at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan. The various themes range from being fashion makeovers, bridal stories, and family therapy sessions. It films the journey of both the bride and the staff behind Kleinfeld, who go to extreme lengths to get that perfect wedding wardrobe. Among the over 20 fitting rooms, room number 22 of the store is where the reality show is filmed. 

But this show has also resulted in a lot of myths, some of which are explained below.

Kleinfeld Myths

Appointments are booked weeks in advance. 

The majority of the brides book appointments weeks or months in advance, but that is not necessarily so. There have been times when to-be brides have got the chance at an appointment the same week or the same day. Kleinfeld does recommend booking an appointment in advance if wanting to shop on weekends.

Slim dresses for plus-size brides.

It has the largest collection of wedding dresses for plus-size brides. 

The affordable dress still starts at $2000

There are many options to choose from whatever the bride’s budget be. Yes, the majority of the dresses start from $2500, but there are options to choose from under $2000, too. Other ways to save money are to shop during trunk shows, where they offer discounts, and attending any sample sales. 


Kleinfeld’s service and experience are par excellence, and thus, it is the go-to wedding salon for the big day.

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