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Lesbian Wedding Decorating Ideas – Using Recycled Items To Create An Affordable Wedding

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Lesbian couples have all the fun of going to a wedding but their reception can be as elegant as any straight couples. With decorations, you can add a touch of color and a sense of fantasy to your reception. If you are planning a wedding in Las Vegas, then it is possible to incorporate some lesbian wedding decorations into your design. There are many fabulous themes to choose from and some will even appeal to the straights. Here is a look at some of the things you can do with these wedding decorations.

Spiritual Pilgrimage

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One of the most common wedding ideas for the straights is to create a sort of spiritual pilgrimage. You could set the altar table with a cross on top and use pink ribbons to outline it. Other fantastic wedding ideas for the straights include designing a dance break in their ceremony decor with leotards and rainbow-colored lights.

Another one of the popular lesbian wedding decoration ideas is to bring in the color-changing world. Many people think of black and white as being strictly masculine colors but many straights are now also choosing this color for their weddings. If you do not have much color in your room, then bringing in the color changing decorations is a great way to liven up your room. Some of these ideas include bringing in the color changing balloons that are used at most gay pride parades. These balloons come in all different colors so you can change your color theme just by adding or taking out one balloon.

Tradition Of Flowers And Candles

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Then, of course, you have the classic tradition of flowers and candles. Some of the flowers used in these decorations have been used for centuries in European weddings so you can definitely count on using this traditional element in your wedding. Other straight wedding ideas for the lesbians include using the same color schemes for their tables, decorations, and bridesmaid dresses. You may want to go with an old European look, especially if you want a more rustic feeling for your wedding.

Rainbow Colored Led Tea Lights

If you really want to get into the spirit of things, then consider using rainbow colored LED tea lights. This decoration idea is pretty easy to pull off because you can really incorporate any color scheme you like. Of course, some people will choose to use the colors they love the most for their decorations while other people may choose to use these colored LED tea lights in order to add a unique flair to their celebrations. Either way, these are some very funky and fun decorations to try out!

Last Words 

There are so many different things you can do as a result of using recycled items as your wedding decorations. Just be sure that you are using items that are in good shape. If you are purchasing these products, make sure to check to make sure they are not damaged, cracked, or warped in any way. It is best to use items that are the same size or larger than you would normally purchase them in. The goal of using recycled items for your lesbian wedding decorations is to give the bride the perfect wedding decor without breaking the bank. These wedding decoration ideas are fun and will leave your guests with wonderful memories.

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