Most Popular Flavors Of Wedding Cakes For You

A wedding without flowers does not seem to be complete, just like having a wedding reception without any wedding cakes. It is known to be the star of the table and it is usually very tall since it has layers. In almost every wedding, it is a tradition for a couple to feed each other cakes. Some cakes even include fun cake toppers as well as some more flowers. However, what makes it even special is the flavor it actually contains.

Some couples often have a dilemma as to what kind of flavor they would want. There are even some who get not just one but three different flavors since they cannot decide. To be able to give you a bit of an overview, here are some of the most popular flavors of wedding cakes.

Most Popular Flavors Of Wedding Cakes For You
Most Popular Flavors Of Wedding Cakes For You

Chocolate: Wedding Cakes

Known to be the most popular wedding cake flavor in history. The rich flavor of chocolate is something that almost everyone loves. That is one of the major reasons why couples tend to go for the classic rich flavor of chocolate. It is a dessert after all and most couples like it with strawberries.

They often choose dark chocolate so it can make them feel less guilty afterward. There are also some who seem to want fondant icing over their chocolate cake. However, this is definitely for those who do not want to risk having chocolate stuck in their teeth.


Another classic cake choice for most weddings is vanilla. According to experts, vanilla is basically a go-to option since it is literally so versatile and anyone can appreciate it. Vanilla can literally go with any kind of frosting, that is also one of the reasons why it is often chosen. It can go very well with vanilla buttercream which is known for being a classic combination. However, those who simply want vanilla cake but want something extreme with the frosting can literally make it possible. 


This particular cake flavor is for those who are a fan of sprinkles. It is basically for couples who have always been a fan of the Funfetti boxed cakes and frosting. The nostalgia can bring them back especially if both of them actually love it. Some bakers and cake artists said that more and more couples actually want this specific flavor. It is known to symbolize positivity and happiness because of the celebration.

Most Popular Flavors Of Wedding Cakes For You
Most Popular Flavors Of Wedding Cakes For You

Lemon: Wedding Cakes

For those who like fruity cakes, lemon-flavored ones are usually a good choice especially if you are doing a summer wedding. People who get married at the beach usually get lemon cakes too since it is perfect for the setting. It may be a very simple cake but it can be such a refreshing dessert. 

Red Velvet

Last but not least is the red velvet one. This has got to be one of the most popular but at the same time newest flavors on the top of the list. That is because bakers say couples tend to want cream cheese frosting and it is usually perfect for red velvet cakes. Added raspberries also make it even better for the occasion.

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