Renting Wedding Decorations Ideas -

Renting Wedding Decorations Ideas

wedding decorations ideas

Wedding decorations are an important part of a wedding. You don’t want to skimp on these or else the overall look and feel of your reception will be unprofessional. The decor pieces you choose for your reception are going to set the mood and tone for the evening as well as the rest of your wedding. If you’re not very crafty, enlist the help of a friend or family member to help you decide what decor pieces you should rent. They can usually give good advice on that.

Consider The Types Of Decorations

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If you plan on doing the bulk of the decoration yourself, it’s important to consider the types of decorations that you’re going to need for each room. First, start with the tables and chairs. You’ll probably want to go with more traditional table linens. Linens like white and ivory are just fine for most tables. If you plan on getting some floral arrangements or other items, see if they’ll be suitable for your reception.

Once you have decided on a theme, start thinking about what wedding decorations you’re going to need. If you don’t already know what all of your decorations will look like, check with a rental company to see what kinds of things they have available. Most companies will have pictures of various types of reception themes and decorations to look at. If you don’t know what you want to look like, take a look at their catalogs. You might be surprised by the variety of different wedding decorations they have available.

Chocolate Wedding Linens


One popular type of wedding decoration ideas is chocolate wedding linens. Some couples choose to go with something like fondant chocolate wedding linens or even chocolate flowers. They come in a variety of different colors and styles. One popular style is something like chocolate roses. These are very pretty when used around a candle or other brightly lit source of light.

Use Of Linens At All

There are lots of other wedding decorations ideas that don’t involve the use of linens at all. Some couples who are renting decide to incorporate flowers into their tablescape. For example, instead of just having centerpieces made from flowers, why not make them the focal point of the table? With a floral centerpieces, you don’t even have to cut or pack the flowers in order to create a lovely effect. Even if you do rent flowers, it’s very easy to just add more of them around the room than you had to originally purchase.

Of course, another popular type of wedding ideas for renting is to incorporate centerpieces into the reception. A simple arrangement of candles on the ends of each table can be enough to make it really feel like you’re at a carnival fair. Another idea that doesn’t require purchasing any linens is to have something simple hung on the wall. Maybe a small piece of artwork or an invitation customized to match the theme could work well. Renting a reception venue such as a hotel gives you a lot of options.

Bottom Line

Whatever you decide on when it comes to renting wedding decorations, make sure you get the best you can afford. Don’t forget, these decor pieces are going to be on display for your guests for at least one night. You want them to feel special, and that means making sure they’re presentable. Look around online for specials and sales on the wedding decorations you want to use, but don’t forget to check with your supplier too. They’ll know what you need in order to get the look you want.

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