Royal Wedding Traditions

Royal Wedding Traditions

There is various type of royal weddings. These royal weddings have various and typical rituals and traditions. By maintaining these traditions and rituals, these royal weddings become happening. There is a various example of royal weddings, these are-Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, bold headwear princes wedding, these weddings are the perfect and best wedding examples. On these royal weddings, there were various traditions by maintaining these traditions royal marriages become happened.

The Bride Carries A Sprig Of  Myrtle In Her Bouquet: Royal Wedding

In this tradition, the bride has to cut a sprig: she has to add it with her flower bouquet. This is a symbol of good lucks in love and marriage. Princes victoria, princes Diana, Queen Elizabeth 2 at the time of their wedding these type of traditions has been maintained.

Royal Wedding Traditions

Royal Wedding Traditions

The Wedding Band Is Made Of Welsh Gold:

The band which the price has to give her princes this band has to made by pure gold. These types of traditions have been held at the time of the wedding of Princess Diana and Margaret.

The Newlyweds Serve Fruitcake At The Reception: Royal Wedding

It was another tradition of every royal wedding that distribute the fruitcakes to everyone who has come to the marriage party. At the time of wedding Prices Diana, Victoria, these types of traditions were there. They had to cut large fruit cakes and distribute these to the reception’s guests.

And After The Wedding, Guests Receive A Slice Of The Wedding Cake In The Mail:

These fruit cakes were huge and big, if any member could not get the cakes, then it was the tradition to mail the members along with the cake picture, and thank you notes.

The Groom Wears Military Clothing For the Ceremony:

This is another royal wedding tradition, where the groom has to wear military clothing. And if there will be any kind of royal family’s anniversary. Then the child and the father have to wear military clothing also. Prince Philip’s wedding, he wore military clothes.

The Royal Family Poses For Formal Wedding Portraits:

Each and every royal family wedding, there is a tradition to click the formal wedding portraits. Here the groom and bride have to pose for some formal wedding portraits. By which they will recollect their wedding memories.

Royal Wedding Traditions

Royal Wedding Traditions

After the Ceremony, There Are Typically No One But Two Receptions:

Lots of wedding ceremonies begin in the morning, and it has been continued for the night time. In between these, there is a tradition to make the reception twice.

These above royal traditions are important, of these royal traditions, the ceremony of Prince Charles, Diana, Queen Victoria’s ceremony had been done. This kind of ceremony tradition is unique. These are not for the general people. Only for the royal queen’s and king’s family maintained these. In the ceremony, the people who have become invited can become their family members, or they can be another country’s kings or queens. The arrangements for food and decoration should top class. It is mandatory to cut the fruit cakes and distribute these among the invited people.


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