Smart Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

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It is your once in a lifetime moment and of course you want to capture every single memory. For all the to-be-brides, here are some smart wedding photography tips.

Know your preferred wedding photography style

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Every photographer has different styles, and it’s important to know what style you’re after. Talking about the visual aspect, do you want the photos to look romantic and intimate, or glamorous like fashion editorial? Do you prefer classic or artsy wedding photos?

For the storytelling aspect, choose how you want your wedding to be documented. Many people choose the photojournalistic approach of documentation, while others prefer fashion reportage approach. It’s all up to you! The last thing to consider is the editing style.

Choose amazing photographers

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Once you have decided on your preferred wedding photography style, now it’s time to find the photographers. While there are obvious things you should think about when choosing photographers (prices, packages offered, location, availability), the technical aspects are often overlooked by couples.

Pay close attention to their ability to capture candid and fleeting moments, the angle and composition of their photos, and the photo quality, especially in low light

Ask your photographers’ opinions

Your photographers’ opinions can be very valuable since they can give you technical suggestions for your wedding based on their expertise to make sure things will go smoothly on the day. For example, you can ask their opinion about the lighting (very important!), and whether additional lighting would be needed at the venue. Some couples also ask their photographers’ opinions for venue décor, or even dress!

Have an engagement photo session with your photographers

For some couples, an engagement shoot is not a top priority. However, if you’re not used to being in front of the camera, an engagement shoot is your best chance to practice. This is also an opportunity to get comfortable with your photographers and get feedback to prepare for the big day. And don’t forget the bonus: all the cute photos of you as a couple, which can be used for your save-the-date cards, or as a part of your wedding décor.

Send an invitation to your photographers 

Sending a wedding invitation to your photographers allow them to be seated with the guests, ensuring they won’t miss any moment that needs capturing. This will also allow them to eat with the guests (photographers need to eat as well, and people don’t need to be photographed when they’re eating), plus they can get nice shots of the invitation before the hectic wedding day.

Make a shot list

What are the things you don’t want your photographers to miss? Is it the details of the handcrafted decorations? Or your bridesmaids getting ready for the day? Although photographers have a list of essential things they will capture at a wedding, every couple is different and it’s always best to communicate what you want. If you don’t know where to start, this wedding photography checklist can give you an idea of moments you might want to get captured in the wedding. Having an Indian wedding? This Indian wedding photography details can give you an idea of what to ask your photographers to capture for your wedding.

If needed, you can also give your photographers a shot list for group portraits. Just don’t keep it too long!

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