Some of the best Wedding Guest Dresses for a grand wedding

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Planning a wedding is probably one of the most exciting yet stressful jobs in the world. The pressure is multiplied by a thousand if you have taken the responsibility of planning your own wedding, and to be fair even if you have a professional planner hired you still need to be aware of the latest trends or at least have some clarity of your own choices. There’s décor, menu, guest lists, flower arrangements and so much more for you to decide. You cannot go wrong when choosing your photographer because what’s the use of investing money in the ceremony if you do not have memories. One thing that will really help your photos in standing out is how well all the colors in the frame are blended, to make it happen you obviously need to have a dress code for all your guests. To help your cause, here are some options for you to consider. 

Black Tie

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Having a black tie event is the safest yet classiest way to go, it makes the entire event look extremely put together and there is barely any man that cannot pull off a black tuxedo. If you are keen on having a black tie dress code, having a night wedding is the way to go; along with dim lights and a white floral arrangement to compliment it. Men can be styled in an all-black suit, adding a cummerbund will make the look even classier. The ladies will sport an evening gown with dainty jewelry and some gloves to go with, heels to add some elegance and tie down the entire look.


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If you are looking for something unconventional go for a themed dress code. Many couples mention themes on their invitation cards and the guests are expected to dress accordingly. When picking a theme for your wedding, let your brain run wild and pick what suits yours and your partners’ best interests. The possibilities when it comes to themed weddings are endless, from Hawaiian and beach to the old England era with full gowns and corsets. This option will allow you to live your dream through a wedding party. The only rule that applies is to have maximum fun!

White Tie

Black is classy but white carries sophistication and purity, a white tie event is a consequential decision so pick wisely. To add a pop of color to your event go for a bright floral arrangement and a day wedding would absolutely make the entire setting so much more beautiful. Men in white tuxedos would look no less than Prince Charming and the ladies in floor length dresses and minimalistic jewelry will increase the aura of sophistication.


Planning a wedding might be hard, especially when it’s your own but all the ruckus and excitement will leave you with a lot of memories to look back on. Once you are done with all the arrangements make sure you don’t forget to relax and pamper yourself. It’s your big day after all. Happy planning!

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