Steps of Choosing and Hanging Your 50th Wedding Anniversary Decorations

50th wedding anniversary decorations

Planning a marriage anniversary party can be an extremely enjoyable experience, but sometimes it is difficult to find appropriate 50th wedding anniversary decorations. Finding meaningful and appropriate fifty-year-old wedding anniversary decorations can be challenging if you are not careful about the items that you choose. Fortunately, there are many sources online that can provide you with a wide selection of ideas for fifty-year-old wedding anniversary decorations.

List Of Ideas For 50th Wedding Anniversary Decorations

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Try Latex Balloons

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One idea that many couples use for fifty-year-old wedding anniversary decorations is latex balloons. In fact, the idea of decorating your home with a large assortment of latex balloons is incredibly nostalgic. As the popularity of latex balloons has waned over the years however, so have the options for 50th wedding anniversary decorations related to this event. In fact, you are now able to purchase novelty latex balloons in a wide variety of fun shapes and colors. Many couples who have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary elect to use white latex balloons to enhance their table decorations, while other couples prefer the subtle beauty of their ivory latex balloons.

Another type of fifty-year-old wedding anniversary decoration is a coffee table cover or coffee table centerpiece. Many couples choose to use a classic style coffee table to celebrate their anniversaries, but you are also able to find modern styles as well. Just because you choose to use a modern coffee table as part of your 50th wedding anniversary decorations does not mean that you have to stay in the same tired design. In fact, many couples decide to completely revamp their coffee table decorations in order to make them unique. Many people decide to add some original pieces to their tables such as a wine rack, or a vase filled with fresh flowers.

Most Important – The Cake

Probably one of the most popular decoration ideas associated with any wedding is the cake. While there is no question that the traditional white cake is a delicious and elegant treat, the reality is that many couples have become accustomed to a white cake that has become a little on the boring side. If you are looking for an exciting 50th anniversary decoration idea, then perhaps a lacy white cake could be just what the doctor ordered. Just be certain that the cake decoration is tasteful, otherwise your celebration will become a dud.

Decorate With Seasonal Decorations

One other option when it comes to exciting 50th anniversary decorations is to decorate with seasonal decorations. For example, if you are celebrating the big 50th anniversary of your first kiss, then you can use tiki lamps to create the perfect romantic atmosphere. Or, if you prefer a tropical theme, then using tiki torches around the room would be a lovely touch. Lighting up these tiki torches will provide the perfect soft lighting for romantic conversations with your loved one. This is just one of the many ways that you can create a wonderful mood in your celebration.

When it comes to more conventional anniversary decorations, there are still many choices available. Perhaps the most popular way to decorate an anniversary is through candle or torch decorations. These types of decorations are not only attractive, but they also are easy to create at home, which means that you don’t have to visit a store to find them. The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting any type of candle or torch decoration is that it must go with the overall style theme of your celebration. This is the first step in finding the perfect 50th wedding anniversary decoration idea.

As mentioned above, the third step in this three-step process is preparation. This is actually what will help you select the right type of decorations. For instance, if you are celebrating your golden years with a beach wedding, then perhaps a large pair of sunglasses would go well with your silver gown. Curling ribbon tied around the base of each rose in your bouquet would be a beautiful way to tie the reception. When it comes to selecting your candles and torches, the best choices will be those that look charming in candlelight, but you should also take into consideration how they will burn.


The final step in this three-step process is the creation itself. Once you have determined the type of decorations you would like to purchase and created them, then all you need to do is simply place them where you want them to go. You may choose to have an arrangement of white flowers line one side of your room, and a single tear drop lined the other, or you can hang ivory latex balloons in a basket along one wall. Whatever option you choose, you are sure to be thrilled with your choice.

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