Stunning Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas -

Stunning Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

wedding ceremony decorations

Make an upcoming wedding stunning and a day-to-remember with the below-mentioned wedding ideas for a reception.

Beautiful Table Décor

A person holding a flower

Make your table décor stunning and eclectic. You can mix different kinds of flowers and arrange them beautifully. Red roses, green leaves, berries and some wildflowers can be arranged in beautiful decorations. You can then add some vintage stemware in mixed shades or golden accents to all in all make an ornamental display.

Vibrant Lighting

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After the table décor, you need to focus on the lighting. The right lighting can enhance and illuminate the décor in a lovely way. You can use strings of delicate lights mixed with large hanging bulbs. These will give an enchanting look.

Modern Romance

This kind of table décor is perfect for couples who need to showcase a lovely romance, but in a contemporary style. You can keep flower centerpieces in light pink color, elegant personalized candles and pink tablecloths with white chairs to create an enchanting look.

Confetti Filled Fun

Let the guests feel festive and enjoy themselves by throwing some confetti on the newlyweds. Keep some bright colored confetti as it adds a fun and colorful honeymoon vibe and send-off to the couple.

Children Activities

Attending a wedding reception should be fun for the kids too. You can printout coloring sheets for them to keep them busy and engaged. Place crayons on the kids table to keep them entertained so that they do not trouble their parents. You can even arrange for fun games for kids by calling a kids games manager.

Newlywed Getaway

A beautiful and fun way for the newly married couple to leave the reception area should be decorated as well. In the earlier days, the couple used to drive away in sports cars or vintage cars. You can use something non-traditional like a motorcycle to delight all the guests.

Woodsy Table Décor

Next, bring the woods on your table décor along with some delicate branches and leaves. The greenery and intricate crystal stemware in muted tones will make the entire scene look fresh and stunning.

Herb Centerpieces

Although most wedding décor consists of flowers, you can try something different by placing herbs plants in small pots and planters to decorate the wedding venue. This idea looks great for a daytime reception party where there is plenty of natural light.

Wood Plank Seating Chart

Instead of a contemporary seating, why not get a rustic piece of varnished wood where the couple can sit. You can add some logs, moss and some greens to make it look more dreamy, natural and to give the look and feel of a fairytale wedding.

Placards with fun words

Give a twist to the names of the food dishes on transparent placards to amuse the guests. You can place these transparent placards for the guests’ seating places as well. This will complete your wedding décor.

These are some wedding ideas for a reception that will definitely leave a mark in the minds of the guests.

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