Top Simple Wedding Cake Designs -

Top Simple Wedding Cake Designs

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The beauty of a simple wedding cake is that you can really let your imagination run wild! Use your creative nature to create something beautiful, unique and unusual. You’ll have the most stunning centerpiece for any couple could hope for. Whether you’re planning a simple, elegant wedding with just 12 guests or a more elaborate, extravagant wedding with hundreds of guests, these ideas will impress your guests and yourself. Plan your cake ahead of time and it’ll be easier to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

An Overview

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One idea for simple wedding cakes is a white cake with one long and one short tear. Drape a single white, elegant square cake in rich greenery and position it in an ornamental bowl for a clean, natural effect. Underneath, red velvet cake matches perfectly with buttercream frosting and delicate flowers. Vines of pink and purple blossoms drape down the sides and several tiers of cascading greenery appear graceful on the cake table.

For the second idea, choose simple wedding cakes with multiple layers. Set out individual round tiers of chocolate, marzipan, fondant. You can decorate each tier with a different color of icing, and you can use contrasting colors on the outside of the cake as well as the inside. You can drizzle a fresh flower petal design or a selection of fresh flowers on top of each tier. You may also alternate melted chocolate and fresh flower petals for a marvelous wedding cakes with a nostalgic feel.

Wedding Cake Design Ideas


For the third idea, use white buttercream as a base for your cake. Top each tier with a single white cake that has been decorated with white fondant. You may scatter white icing over the petals if you wish. This is an easy way to create white buttercream cakes that are suitable for any theme. Another advantage of white buttercream cakes is that they can be kept frosted indefinitely.

Fourthly, create simple wedding cakes with different designs. For instance, layer one might contain a design that resembles a heart, and layer two might contain a design that resembles a wedding couple standing over a cake. These cakes will look extremely beautiful when frosted in different designs, and they are particularly appropriate for weddings held in churches or at other spiritual gatherings. You can even create simple cakes in the shape of a monogram, a name, a date, or another symbol that is significant to you and your spouse.

Finally, consider the fourth simple wedding cakes idea. Select several small cakes that each display a different seasonal symbol. You can use these symbols to provide food for an outdoor reception. For example, the green symbol could represent springtime, and the red symbol could represent summer. These flowers will look very beautiful when arranged on top of each other on a tier.

By following these simple wedding cake ideas, you will find that decorating a cake is very straightforward. You do not need a great deal of skill, nor do you have to be an experienced dessert decorator. In fact, if you have never tried to decorate a cake before, it can be very enjoyable and satisfying to experiment on your own. Start with one or two tiers, and add layers as you become more comfortable.

Bottom Line

These simple wedding cakes ideas are fantastic for wedding cakes, no matter what theme your wedding is. You can also use different colors for different tiers. Chocolate cake can be combined with vanilla, or chocolate and lemon, or lemon and orange, and so on. Or you could use a white wedding cake to stand out against the rich colors of a chocolate wedding. It all depends on your personal taste!

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