Unique Cards For Wedding Invitations Ideas

When it comes to wedding invites, there are some couples who prefer the classic way. However, some couples tend to look for unique cards to stand out. Invitations usually give a glimpse to the guests what kind of wedding they will be attending. These unique cards would give that vibe of the couple wanting to be different. Wedding invitations are usually sent to the guests and it is most likely based on the theme of the wedding.

The usual ones are in a simple envelope and the details are all written inside. However, some couples go all out just so they could stand out and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you want some ideas for your wedding invites, here are some of the most unique cards for you.

Unique Cards For Wedding Invitations Ideas
Unique Cards For Wedding Invitations Ideas

Passport: Unique Cards

If you and your partner love to travel, you most likely want to have a hint of it at your wedding. Couples who live and breathe traveling all over the world choose to have passport-style wedding invitations. They are truly out of the norm and it can be very eye-catching. These invitations obviously come in a booklet just like a real passport.

It also has all the necessary details inside of it and it can even sometimes include some plane tickets. These tickets could represent how many people are invited and you can always RSVP. Some couples prefer to have the passports look exactly like the real ones, but there are some who only want to get the outline of it.

Illustrations: Unique Cards

Some couples who are minimalists choose to have their invites in just a single page. This is unique yet it is way cheaper than the others. A single page does not have to be boring, most especially if you are going to put some fun illustrations to it. Some couples have an illustration of themselves as well as the theme of the wedding. 

Acrylic And Transparent 

Most wedding invites are written on paper because that is the usual way of doing it. However, some couples who want to stand out prefer to have their invites engraved. Some of them want it on clear acrylic so that it can actually look like it is on the glass. There are also some who use some sort of transparent think paper. Most of these invites are usually in a box so it can actually be very pricey. Creativity goes all out especially if you want your invites to be classy yet non-traditional. 

Unique Cards For Wedding Invitations Ideas
Unique Cards For Wedding Invitations Ideas

Linen And Leather

For couples who do not exactly care about how much they are going to spend on wedding invitations, a good option would be some that are not made of paper. Some invitations can actually be in a form of linen such as a handkerchief.

Some couples even mix some linen to leather pieces especially if they have a vintage wedding. They are truly different but if invitations are not your priority, you might want to keep it simple. However, you can always have it cheaper if you do it on your own.

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