Unique Wedding Cake Toppers You Might Want To Try

Wedding cakes are indeed the centerpiece of the main table at every wedding. It is basically known to be the star of the show at the wedding reception. However, wedding cakes are not exactly complete without its topper. Back in the day, wedding cake toppers are merely a model of the bride and the groom. However, that may still be on the trend for some people, it is not exactly as popular as it was before.

There are now a lot of new and unique ideas that couples tend to choose. If you cannot figure out what you want your wedding cake topper to be, then keep reading to find out more. 

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers You Might Want To Try
Unique Wedding Cake Toppers You Might Want To Try

Sparklers: Wedding Cake Toppers

If you think that sparklers are merely for birthday cakes, well think again. That is because wedding cakes also have them as well. In fact, there are now sparkles that are shaped with letters. Most couples tend to choose their initials for it and some others choose to spell the word “love”. It is known to be such a fun and exciting way to have a wedding cake.

Then again, I just hope that it will serve its purpose since low-quality sparklers might not work. Be sure to always have a back-up one so your day will not be ruined. These letter sparkles are now available anywhere and most especially online.

Custom Monogram

Monograms are also one of the most famous wedding cake toppers that you can get today. It is basically a modern as well as a personalized twist for couples who do not want to get little models of themselves. Monogram toppers are actually versatile because they do not have to stay at the top of the cake. You can put them anywhere as a part of the design of your cake. Some couples choose to have the old-school monogram wherein their initials are in a calligraphy style. However, couples who aim for simplicity and have a bit of a rustic theme usually just go for the bold but organic ones.

Nerdy Toppers

There will always be that couple who simply loves anything geek that they choose to have it included at their wedding. Some couples try to even go all out by having the design of their cakes be based on their favorite book or movie.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers You Might Want To Try
Unique Wedding Cake Toppers You Might Want To Try

However, there are some couples who simply choose to have a personalized topper that is inspired by a specific book or movie. Some people make it as classy or elegant as possible, but there are some who go all out about it.

Quotes Or Lyrics: Wedding Cake Toppers

There are also couples who choose a short quote or a short line from a song to have as their cake topper. This is actually very trendy nowadays more and more people are choosing to do it. This type of cake topper is not just classy but also very romantic and sentimental for the couple. Some couples even try to put their own quotes to it especially if it is just a really short one.

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