Wedding Cake Ideas – Choose Your Favorite Style

Wedding Cake Ideas - Choose Your Favorite Style

The first step in creating a dream wedding cake is to pick the perfect style. There are a plethora of wedding cake designs, from classic to modern, from floral to fruit and everything in between. Decide what style best reflects your personal taste and style and then use that style as a guide when planning your cake.

process Of Making Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Ideas - Choose Your Favorite Style
Wedding Cake Ideas – Choose Your Favorite Style

Of course, you want to use your main wedding colors, but you also want to experiment with the other colors in your style. Many wedding couples choose to use them in combination with each other or with subtle colors like fuchsia and pink. You want to use this experience to your advantage to create a unique look that you will love and enjoy.

Next, decide what type of theme you want to incorporate into your cake. There are a variety of choices, from an old-fashioned country cottage to modern-day urban sophistication. This will help you determine how your cake will look and how it will be decorated. If you want a themed wedding cake, consider choosing a classic design such as one with a white and cream icing or your own unique design. Try to match the color scheme of your wedding colors with the theme.

Wedding cakes aren’t just for weddings, they can be used for many other events as well. You can use it for birthday parties, a rehearsal dinner, even a church wedding. If you have a lot of special occasions to celebrate, consider having a different cake design for each event. Cake trends also change, so don’t limit yourself to just one style; you can always switch it up for each special occasion.

Books are a good source of cake designs, especially wedding cake decorating books. They provide a fresh idea each time and they often include professional designs so you can see how they are made. When you find a style you love, be sure to plan ahead by visiting the baker and making your purchase before the wedding.

Wedding Cake With Topper

If you are having a small party, then consider using small wedding cake toppers to adorn the top of your cake. Choose the topper you like best based on its style and fit it onto the cake. Don’t worry about whether your topper fits your cake perfectly. Small wedding cake toppers are usually placed in a much smaller space than larger ones, so it won’t take a cake shop long to place one.

Wedding cake toppers, whether mini or large, can be used as centerpieces on tables during the reception or they can be hidden away in wine glasses or on the table itself. If you are having a small wedding, consider leaving a few of them as centerpieces on tables. Some people choose to use them in the form of candles that will make an elegant look during the reception.

In addition to using different styles of toppers, you may choose to use a fun add-on such as decorations and ribbons in your cake. Fun wedding cake decorations can reflect the bride’s personality and match the theme of the wedding as well. Some couples choose to use ribbons along the top of their cake to add a touch of color to the cake, while others prefer ribbons on the sides of the cake to add a whimsical element.

Know More

Sometimes couples find that they need a little more than they can accommodate in small cake toppers and then have them customized with their names. If this is the case, the baker will be able to draw out a custom design to give you your desired outcome.

For some couples, the most popular wedding theme and wedding cake ideas come from flowers. One easy way to incorporate flowers into your wedding is to have your cake decorated with petals of roses and then scatter the petals throughout the cake. If you can find a bakery that specializes in adding flowers to cakes, then you will find that the colors coordinate well with your wedding colors.

It can be quite easy to make the cake look like a cupcake when you use your favorite cake topper as the centerpiece and fill it with white tea frosting. However, you can still have traditional styles if you choose to add a topper and place it on top of the cupcake. Another way to add some elegance to a traditional cake is to add a carved candle holder to the top and leave it raw underneath with a piece of trimmed lemon peel.

Wedding Cake Ideas - Choose Your Favorite Style
Wedding Cake Ideas – Choose Your Favorite Style

Bottom Line

You can find a lot of inspiration for your wedding cake ideas on the Internet, especially if you go to a website that features a lot of wedding cake toppers. It can be helpful to learn more about these styles so you can create a style that will be pleasing to your taste.

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