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Wedding Cake Toppers

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Wedding is the most important event in the life of a couple. It does not matter if it is an arranged marriage or love marriage. Everyone eagerly wais for their wedding day. Wedding cake toppers are a serious concern for church weddings.

What Are Cake Toppers?

Wedding cake toppers are the variant and unique toppings one provides in the wedding cake. These toppings may include some of the favorite toppings of the bride as well as the groom. There are various toppings one can provide to their cakes. One keeps in mind about taste and preferences. The bride, as well as the groom, desire their wedding cake to be unique. 

Wedding Cake Toppers: Various Kinds

There are various kinds of wedding cake toppers. One can even customize their wedding cake topper. The toppers symbolize the togetherness and love of the newly- married couple.  These toppers are placed at the top of the cakes and presented to the bride and the groom.

The various cake toppers which are provided by the cake shops include popular designs as well as unique customized designs. The bride and the broom themselves choose the plans and help the wedding to be a success.

Wedding Cake Toppers: Rustic Mr. And Mrs. 

These cake toppers are hand-made cake toppers which commonly used in wedding cakes. The toppers have unique designs and colors to keep it attractive. The rustic Mr and Mrs designs are conventional in different wedding cakes. 

Wedding Cake Toppers: Calligraphy

There are wedding cake toppers which one writes in Calligraphy. These are basically to make the wedding cake unique and worthy. The calligraphy writings mainly include the name of the bride and groom or the title of bride and groom.


Some of the toppers have Dolls in them. These dolls symbolize the characters of the bride as well as the groom. These caricatures are mainly to make the cake look very innovative and attractive. One gets attracted by different designs and structures of the cake toppers.

Individual Caricatures

There are cake toppers which include only caricatures in them. These characters can be of the bride and the groom as well as of any other person.  They impersonate Famous characters or cartoons.


Some people who are fond of pictures tend to apply Minions or any other cartoon character as their wedding cake toppers. The cartoon characters provide uniqueness to the cake as well as help the bride and the groom to remember the special day.


Different people offer different quotes for their toppers. These quotes may be close to the bride and the groom. Moreover, these quotes include writing from famous personalities as well as love quotes.

Flavors And Toppers For Cake

The designs mentioned above are a few unique designs which are made by the cake shops. The bride and groom help the makers by giving them ideas. Moreover, the customer designs that the bride, and the groom, provide help the makers to impersonate their ideas. The different flavors of the cakes match the toppers. The toppers are generally related to the life of the bride and groom.

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