Wedding Cakes And Cup Cakes Ideas For Your Wedding Guests -

Wedding Cakes And Cup Cakes Ideas For Your Wedding Guests

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When we talk about cakes, two of them which are very common are wedding cakes and cup cakes. A cupcake is a cake that is generally baked on thin paper. Some cup cakes are simple and some of them may have fruits and candies stuffed in them. Wedding cakes are generally larger than cup cakes and their size may vary according to the number of guests. Both wedding cakes and cup cakes have several varieties and flavors.

Wedding Cakes

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Following are the different flavors of wedding cakes:

Chocolate Flavor-These chocolate flavored cakes are mostly liked by small children. Sometimes the cake makers mix some other flavors with chocolate flavor to make it taste more yummy.

Vanilla Flavor -Vanilla flavored cakes are one of the basic cakes amongst all the cakes present in the market.

Pineapple Flavor – Having the essence of pineapple, these cakes are loved by most cake lovers and are very much common in wedding parties.

Red Velvet – These cakes are more famous for what it symbolizes rather than being famous for its taste. They are a symbol of love and romance. 

Coconut Flavor-It is mostly loved by people who love eating sweets. Sometimes these cakes come with an extra lime flavor to make it a rich creamy combination.

Cup Cakes

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As stated earlier, wedding cakes and cup cakes have several varieties of flavors and tastes. We have already seen some of the flavors of wedding cakes. Let us now see some of the cupcake flavors:

Chocolate Bourbon Pie Cupcakes-They are extra chocolaty cakes made with warming bourbon. To make it more delicious the cake-makers add pecan pie stuffings to it.

Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes-It is a vanilla cupcake with strawberries added to it.

Strawberry Cupcakes with chocolaty cover-These are strawberry flavored cupcakes that have a chocolaty cover on them.

Butterbeer Cupcakes- They have a butterscotch flavor. The most fascinating part of this type of cake is its cream.

Some Common Reviews

After studying the different varieties of wedding cakes and cup cakes, let us see which one is more popular. Although wedding cakes and cupcakes have a huge demand and the demand is increasing with each passing day. Since cupcakes are cheaper than wedding cakes, so cupcakes have more demand as compared to wedding cakes. One more reason due to which cupcakes are getting popular is that nowadays people are very much concerned about their health. Since wedding cakes are very creamy people are now shifting their preferences towards the cupcake. Apart from being more creamy, wedding cakes and cup cakes share some of the common ingredients.


It can be concluded that while cupcakes are more popular for small casual parties and their cheap price, the wedding cakes are occasion-specific. They are mostly ordered for wedding parties. Both of the cakes come in a variety of sizes, flavors, and tastes. Both of them are very popular and their demand is increasing continuously.

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