Wedding Cakes: Of Love -

Wedding Cakes: Of Love

Wedding Cakes: Celebration Of Love

Wedding is one of the most auspicious and special events in a couples life. The wedding cakes are a necessity to celebrate this event. Some couples prefer to bake wedding cakes at home while some order it online. The famous polka-dot strawberry cake can quickly bake at home.

Wedding Cakes: Celebration Of Love
Wedding Cakes: Celebration Of Love

Wedding Cake: Polka-Dot Strawberry Cake

Ingredients Required To Prepare The Cake

One kilogram strawberry

One tablespoon of icing sugar

Half lemon juiced

Butter to grease

One large egg

25grams of golden sugar

25grams of plain flour

Pink food color

Red food color

Eight large eggs

200grams of golden sugar

200grams of flour

Two teaspoons of baking powder

50grams of melted butter

Two teaspoons of vanilla extract

500grams of mascarpone

Five tablespoons of icing sugar

300ml of double cream

Three tablespoons of apricot jam

Icing sugar

Step By Step Preparation To Prepare The Cake

Step One

Firstly, take 300grams of strawberries and slice it. Our it in a pan with lemon juice and icing sugar. Put the pan under heat and wait until the juice runs. Cook it for two minutes without covering the lid. Pour it in the blender and mix it. Make sure you remove the seeds.

Wedding Cakes: Celebration Of Love
Wedding Cakes: Celebration Of Love

Step Two

Take a baking pan and line with a parchment paper. Then grease it with oil. To make the polka dots take the eggs and sugar and mix it with a hand blender until it turns pale and thick. Take a spatula to mix the added flour. Finally, add strawberry puree with a few drops of red and pink food colorings.

Step Three

The third step is to take a swiss roll tin and pour small dots of the polka dot mixture on the base. Make sure to leave tiny spaces between each dots. Put it in the freezer for twenty minutes until the pink dots are firm.

Step Four

The next step is to heat the oven for baking the cake. You can try to make the mixture at once. Take and whisk the eggs and sugar until the mixture turns pale. You can also check by looking at the blades of the blender. It takes eight to ten minutes. Then add the baking powder and flour to the mixture followed with butter and vanilla. Then fold the entire mixture with a spatula.

Step Five

Next, place half the mixture in a cake tin with all the preparations. Bake the cake for fifteen minutes and put it in a tea towel. To prepare the fillings, you have to mix the strawberry puree, icing sugar, and mascarpone. Slice strawberries in small pieces. Keep on whipping the cream until it is soft enough. Mix it with the sliced strawberries.

Step Six

The next step is to get back to the baked rectangular cake and cut it in round shapes. Place the cake in the bottom layer. Then add the icing on the cake and flatten it. Top the last coat and add the filling. Refrigerate the cake for forty-eight hours.

The Final Step

Finally, remove the cake from the tin and slide it in a serving plate. Spread the fillings and sliced strawberries on top of the cake. Then heat the apricot jam with water and brush it on the berries. Dust the top layer with icing sugar. You can now serve the chilled cake. The wedding cake is thus ready to present itself.

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