Wedding Cakes Design: 8 Design Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Wedding Cakes Design

You may want to opt for some extraordinary wedding cakes design over the ordinary ones for your wedding. It doesn’t mean that everyone will want something out of the world. Some couples prefer minimalist wedding cakes design while some love a little dramatic, romantic look. No matter what the cake design is, it should go well with the wedding theme; otherwise, it will look out of place.

The wedding cake world has lots of variety to offer when it comes to a special occasion. In case you have already picked up your choice of cake for the special day, then that’s awesome. However, if you are without a clue what type of wedding cakes design you would want to order, you need help. You would want to order something tasty and goes perfectly well with your wedding theme. Here are some of the wedding cakes design ideas:

8 Elegant Wedding Cakes Design
Wedding Cakes Design: 8 Design Ideas To Wow Your Guests

What About Classic Gold Detailing!

Do you want some hand-painted gold details on your cake? Then it is possible with the touch of some abstract-style color-schemes on the cake. The cake will have watercolor tiles with some hints of gold works. However, you can opt for some heavy detailing matching with your wedding theme.

Wedding Cakes Design: Minimalist Wedding Cakes

You can opt for one colored cake with the same colored flower cascade for a wedding cake. It will be a minimalist and elegant cake with two-three layers. The more the cake would have contrasting colors, the more it will be eye-catching. You can also choose for design in only one tier, making it look more elegant.

Abstract Cake Designs

Do you and your partner have a fondness for some abstract art? Then you may want to have a showstopper abstract cake. Your wedding cake layers can have geometrical shapes, sharp edges, a smoky look, etc. Also, the cake may exude some ethereal feel if you want it to look like that. When you are choosing abstract cakes, it is best to opt for popping color schemes. As these layered cakes have abstract designs, the maker won’t have to abide by any rule. That’s the specialty of the abstract cake. So, your wedding cake can be of any shape and design. However, you should find an abstract design that works wonderfully with the overall wedding theme.

Wedding Cakes Design: Layered

Your layered cake doesn’t have to be plain and boring. The cake can be simple and smooth at the top while it is deep and edgy at the bottom part with different layered design. Also, you can have the reverse design style with complex tops and minimalist bottom layer. No matter which type of layered design you choose, they will be outstanding with some elegant cake decorations.

Alternating Cake Layers

Why always opt for similar layered cakes why you can order varied designed layers? Yes, if the color tones of the cake layers have the right balance between them, it gives the cake some special dimension. Of course, there should be a cascading floral creation made with real flower buds or completely edible ones for a finishing touch. And there are lots of wedding cakes that have alternate layers yet look gorgeous. 

Exclusive 8 Wedding Cakes Design
Wedding Cakes Design: 8 Design Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Sugar Bloom Sprouts

Do you wish to add some unique style to your wedding cake? Then you should go for the sugar bloom sprouts design. It can transform a simple wedding cake into something exquisite. The sugar sprouts are added all across the edges and corners of the multi-layered cake to add drama. It is best to plant the sugar blooms sprout here are there to give a forest-like feel.

Wedding Cakes Design: Clean And Bare

If there is a minimalist couple, they might love the clean and bare cake design for its uniqueness. This is usually a multi-tiered cake with some elegant florals, void frills, and a little touch of some mild color. Clean and bare cake tells the story of elegance and simplicity with its delicate look. This type of cake will surely claim the attention on your wedding day.

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