Wedding DJ Tips: Top 10 Ways Of Becoming A Great Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ Tips

When it’s about a wonderful wedding celebration, it’s just more than two people coming together to live a happy life. Needless to say, a great wedding will have events surrounding the couple. There will be food, setting, open bar, and obviously the musical enchantment. So, there will be a DJ who will regulate the venue’s mood with his or her music playlist and personal touch. If you are new as a wedding DJ, then you will need the right wedding DJ tips to shine bright.

After all, most wedding parties lead to the joyous ending with frantic dance movements of the guests at the wedding. From children to older citizens, everyone likes to shake a leg when the music is groovy and fun. So, at that moment, the focal point goes to the wedding DJ. Therefore, as a new wedding DJ, you should integrate some of the following wedding DJ tips to shine:

10 Wedding DJ Tips For Betterment
Wedding DJ Tips: Top 10 Ways Of Becoming A Great Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ Tips: Don’t Be Late

You can’t be late when you are the person who will be setting the party’s mood. As a professional wedding DJ, one should never be late for any venue. After all, a huge chunk of responsibility falls on your shoulder at every wedding. So, you would want to keep things smooth and don’t mess things by being late.

Wedding DJ Tips: Have Vast Knowledge About Various Musical Styles

A wedding DJ has to have a vast knowledge of various musical genres and scores. You may get a chance to play the genres you love, but that won’t be a case every time or for long hours. Your main focus should be on playing the songs that the people want to groove with. For such reasons, knowing songs from different genres, is extremely crucial. By playing some cool dance music, you can make the crowd groove to the beats.

Make Sure The Social Skills Are High

As a wedding DJ, your social skills should be high, and you would want people to like you. Often it becomes a DJ’s job to shape up the mood of the wedding party. When you have a good way of communicating with people, they will listen to your words. Have a pleasant attitude, and smile while you take requests and communicate with people at the wedding. Also, you may have to deal with drunk guests with a diplomatic attitude.

Wedding DJ Tips: Know The Song Requests You Must Take

A wedding DJ will get lots of song requests. So, you have to know which requests to take and which ones to turn down totally. Also, when a song is on your plan list, and someone requests it too, know how to accept the request. You definitely won’t like requests from one person every few minutes. Of course, play the song the bride or groom asks without a doubt. But you would want to avoid a request from a drunken uncle who loves sad songs.

Read The Crowd

After a certain time, the wedding DJ knows the ways to change the mood of the crowd with a single song. Of course, it is important that you play something utterly exciting after dinner to get the guests to groove. You can opt for Michel Jackson’s Beat It.

10 Important Wedding DJ Tips
Wedding DJ Tips: Top 10 Ways Of Becoming A Great Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ Tips: Do You Have Backup

Your equipment may run out of battery; things can break and go wrong at a wedding party. So, it is essential to keep your backup ready in case the wedding is at a distance from any audio equipment stores. You may not need a backup laptop; however, a backup charger is a must. 

Being Flexible Is The Key

Being a wedding DJ means you have to deal with a variety of situations. At a wedding, there will be only one DJ. And in case they forget to give any particular piece of information, you may have to be flexible at the moment. You should make sure that couples have their best time at their wedding. So, it is a day to roll with the punches.

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