Wedding Dresses Design: Exclusive 5 Wedding Dress Designers For You

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The new-age, fashion-conscious brides are all looking for some cool, unique wedding dresses design for their special day. For brides who love to break the tradition and loves dresses that scream fashion would want unique wedding-dress designers. And now in the wedding dresses design world, there are lots of emerging designers with unique suit ideas merging fashion to traditions.

When it is the wedding of such an unconventional bride, the wedding dress will be fashionable too. So, knowing about some cool bridal designers is worthwhile for the bride. If you are such a fashion queen, you will be satisfied with the innovative design ideas from the following bridal designers:

Exclusive Wedding Dresses Design
Wedding Dresses Design: Exclusive 5 Wedding Dress Designers For You

Wedding Dresses Design: Designer Danielle Frankel

The modern brides with unique fashion tastes will surely give attention to Danielle Frankel’s bridal collection. Though it’s a new label in the market, it’s exquisite tailoring with a handsomely feminine design is winning hearts. The collection offers ethereal gowns, modern, stylish wedding suits, two-piece sets, and more. Though the label is still understated, one can’t ignore the pristine detailing on every piece of wedding dress. If you want, you can also get custom wedding looks from Danielle Frankel by opting for an appointment.

Designer Alex Perry

Alex Perry believes that the styles of brides are timeless and can never change. However, his bridal collection has the perfect modern touch into it as it adds to new thinking. Interestingly, Alex Perry has debuted with the bridal collection on 2018, only. He is behind the craftsmanship of some killer cocktail attire. And he has become successful in perfecting the modern ball gown with streamlined slip. Every design he makes goes through a contemporary and sleek lens. He draws his inspiration from the couture for its elegance.

Isabelle Armstrong

There is nothing wrong with addressing that you are shamelessly romantic, and Isabelle Armstrong proudly says it. So, her bridal collection dresses get the touch of both a modern edge and a romantic feel. Tulle, flowers, lace, bows, ball gowns, butterflies, and many other elements become part of her aesthetically beautiful collection.

The label thinks forward when it comes to its craftsmanship since its first launch. So, they dedicatedly focus on making the dress sophisticated, romantic, and modern. For a pared-back bride, it might be a Mikado ball-gown that has a dramatic drape bow. If the bride is whimsical, then the gown may contain some elements of surprise with fantasy-like detailing. No matter what types of wedding gown the label makes, they all have a romantic mood with a twist.

Exclusive Designers For Wedding Dresses Design
Wedding Dresses Design: Exclusive 5 Wedding Dress Designers For You

Wedding Dresses Design: Alexandra Grecco

The Founder and Designer, Alexandra Grecco, has been crafting exquisite gowns for the brides over six years now. All the bridal gowns from the label get embroidered detailing with dramatic neckline cut, laser-cut flowers. However, the dress’s look still looks effortless, thanks to the designer, and feels comfortable. As the whole bridal section is for a less-traditional bride, the hand-crafted whimsical art-work makes the creations ethereal. From Grecco’s collection, brides of all shapes and sizes will find their perfect style statement for their special day. So, for the daring bride, the floral appliqué that looks like tattoos can be extremely appealing. The label offers variety for the different types of brides and their style requirements.

Elizabeth Fillmore

An independent bride with her independent vision will love the bridal designs from Elizabeth Fillmore. The designer weaves the vision of the bride on her artistic masterpiece. So, you will get an effortless, aesthetically elegant dress for the wedding day. As the dress glides over your silhouette, it presents the elegant, feminine side of the bride. Though it’s not a new label still the uniqueness of the bridal gowns is an unexplored gem. For brides with a modern attitude, the dresses from Elizabeth Fillmore will be a glamorous affair for sure.  

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