Wedding Guest Book

Wedding Guest Book: Know More About It

The guest book may be of anything like a Music record player, globe, furniture, etc. Unless the guest knows that it is there, you may end up with mostly blank pages. Ask some of your friends to reach the guest and request them to write a comment and sign the book. But it would be easier to place an original text which attracts each one in the party. They will enjoy reading the comments of others and write their own.

Importance Of Wedding Guest Book

As we know that to memorize any of the days, we use an album of photos. After four or five years after the wedding, when you have a kid or two, at their birthday party or your anniversary, you look at the guest book of your wedding, and that brings an outflow of emotions. Some memory will come lively up your mind. The friends those are now away, their comments, the old family members those passes away, their blessings and the friends jokes memorize the past. You will also get the tips for going to honeymoon trips, ethical family rules, and a lot of simple words about the married life.

Wedding Guest Book: Know More About It
Wedding Guest Book: Know More About It

Though It Is Not Traditional, Yet The Guest Book Is A Place To Be Creative.

We know on an auspicious day, couples go to the church or any other area for their wedding. After the rituals complete, the bride and groom throw a reception party. After attending the reception party and saying good-bye to the couples, we forgot something; scratching our head, we realize that the guest book remains blank. So the guest book is an essential part of the wedding ceremony. The handwriting is much more critical than the photos.

Different Ideas For Wedding Guest Books

There are a lot of different ideas for creating guest books. These books will be holding a lot of importance for the couple to help them cherish their big day, years after their marriage.

Tip Jar

One can make a jar and highlight it as a tip jar. Friends and family of the bride and groom will have to write a piece of advice to the couple, indicating towards their bright future and joyful life together. The jar is one of the unique ideas to gather love and support of the close ones.

Ice-Cream Sticks And Markers

For making a day memorable and cherishing it forever, one has to apply various ideas. The idea of providing the guests with ice-cream sticks is way cooler than it sounds. In these sticks, one can recommend honeymoon destinations, or the dos and don’ts after the marriage. One also supports different goals for romantic dinner dates after the wedding.

Wedding Guest Book: Know More About It
Wedding Guest Book: Know More About It


The idea is cliché yet super beneficial. One can set up places where one can go and click pictures and write or say something about the bride and the groom. It is a unique idea which holds in a lot of courage. One while checking the photos after years of marriage, will be nostalgic and enjoy the craziness they once shared.

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